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HCD Web Optimizer: Designing and Monitoring Websites
for Peak Performance

As consumer trust and information gathering rapidly shift toward the Internet, marketers are increasing their efforts to design websites that more effectively communicate branded messages and engage their target audiences.

At HCD Research, we use our HCD Web Optimizer™ methodology to help marketers:

  • Optimize positioning/segmentation strategies
  • Determine the optimal "look and feel" and message elements of their website
  • Obtain consumers' perceptions and expectations related to branded communications
  • Develop a successful organic search engine marketing strategy (SEM)
  • Optimize and monitor the website's in-market performance

Our proprietary methodology consists of a five-phased approach.

During phase one, we develop segmentation and positioning strategies, which includes identifying unique message components that are most relevant and compelling to the target market.

We also leverage the long tail of search optimization to determine how marketers can own a new whitespace and provide relevant content through keywords and branded messages.

In phase two, we use our mobile eye-tracking system to optimize the layout of the website and ensure that the most important elements on the website are seen quickly and focused on for better retention.

During this phase, we conduct in-depth interviews to determine if the site is meeting expectations with respect to usability and content.

As part of phase three, we conduct quantitative research to confirm:

  • the branding goals are being met
  • the content was clear and the information was easy to find
  • the site was easy to use and appropriate for the brand

We then ensure that the website is search engine friendly by extracting descriptors from the site to predict the probability of a successful organic search ranking.

Finally, respondents are asked to participate in an on-line exit survey to assess customer satisfaction, loyalty, overall perceptions and branding impact.

After the website is launched, we use a single dashboard approach to collectively provide actionable insights for in-market performance and optimization.