Who We Are

HCD Research® is a marketing and consumer sciences company that provides expert recommendations by employing traditional and applied consumer neuroscience to optimize the design of market research projects for our clients.

We are “methodologically agnostic” and approach each client inquiry as a unique market research challenge. Our customized solutions employ the most appropriate research tools based on your specific objectives. These tools can include traditional research, psychophysiological measures, psychological testing, or a synergistic combination of these methods.

Who we are not:

We are not a technology company targeted at applying neuro measures to every research question despite its appropriateness or value.

Why this makes a difference to our clients:

Because we have no technology bias, we can optimize the designs of market research projects by employing the most appropriate tools based on the individual needs of the client, applying both traditional marketing research and leading edge applied consumer neuroscience.


HCD Research® employs the most innovative and effective research tools available to support the creation of better products, packaging and communications for consumers. Using the highest scientific and professional standards, we provide consumer experience insights for at home, in the lab, and on the shelf research.



HCD Research® is a unique marketing and consumer sciences company that uses its deep roots in both traditional research and applied consumer neuroscience to optimize the design of research projects for our clients.

1991: HCD Research is founded on the principles of integrating qualitative and quantitative research to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

1996: As an early adapter of web-based research, HCD Research focused on conducting research for leading pharmaceutical companies. Since then, we have expanded our client base, conducting studies for mid-sized and large companies in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, financial services, entertainment, and other industries.

2000: Expanding beyond general marketing, HCD Research adds communications research to its product offerings.

2003: HCD Research further develops its capability by adding its first neuromarketing tool, eye tracking. This technology provides deeper insights into consumer preferences for online media and brand messaging.

2012: Psychophysiology (i.e. applied consumer neuroscience) is incorporated into product offerings, further broadening our communications research competency.

2014: HCD Research begins offering research services to consumer package goods companies, conducting sensory perception testing on product attributes and packaging.