HCD Research: Leaders in Providing Holistic Communications Solutions.

HCD Research provides leading-edge marketing and communications research services that allow clients to make better informed decisions in a more timely fashion.

Founded in 1991, our hallmark has been our ability to seamlessly integrate our qualitative and quantitative service offerings from developing and testing message elements and ad concepts to tracking and assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

As an early adapter of web-based research in 1996, HCD Research focused on conducting research for leading pharmaceutical companies. Since then, we have expanded our client base, conducting studies for large and mid-sized companies in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, financial services and entertainment industries, among others.

Recently, HCD Research formed an alliance with the Missouri School of Journalism to conduct research studies using a communication science approach that combines biometric measures and eye-tracking technology to provide deeper insights into consumer preferences for online media and brand messaging.

The approach is grounded in a holistic, science-based methodology that is currently missing in virtually all neuromarketing models. By combining scientific knowledge of how the brain processes media with expertise in applying biometric, survey and behavioral data, HCD Research helps clients solve complex communication challenges.

HCD Research employs innovative research tools, comprehensive data collection techniques and well-honed interpretive skills to assist marketing professionals in making decisions that provide an optimal return on investment. To learn more about HCD Research, visit our website at: www.hcdi.net