At HCD Research, Glenn Kessler ushered in the Internet as a marketing research tool, and was instrumental in implementing web-based advertising research applications to measure the effectiveness of print and broadcast advertisements. In addition, he has assisted large and mid-sized companies in developing strategies for merging product lines and sales organizations.

Mr. Kessler has been interviewed by national and regional broadcast programs and quoted in leading national newspapers as an expert on political advertising testing during the 2004 and 2008 Presidential elections. He has co-authored several articles on Internet marketing applications and has presented at national medical marketing meetings and advertising conferences.

Mr. Kessler has also appeared on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” to discuss the company’s Super Bowl ad testing. He has conducted radio interviews with the Associated Press, CBS, CNN and various national and regional stations. He was also a weekly guest on XM Podus ’08 radio, where he discussed political advertising and other controversial political events, during the 2008 presidential election.

Prior to founding HCD Research, Mr. Kessler held sales and marketing positions with Roche Diagnostics Systems and Ortho Diagnostic Systems, a Johnson & Johnson company. He served as director of national accounts and was a member of the Roche Diagnostics Operating Committee. Mr. Kessler was also a business unit manager for Immunoassay Products and marketing manager for computer data management systems.

In addition to his experience in the health care industry, he was a market research analyst for TimeLife Incorporated. Mr. Kessler also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore, where he instructed undergraduates in consumer behavior as part of the college’s marketing program. Mr. Kessler earned a BS from American University and an MBA from the University of Maryland.

JAMES P. ROWELL, Vice President

Prior to co-founding HCD, Mr. Rowell was the President of the Somerset Consulting Group, a company that specialized in sales and marketing consulting, specifically in the area of market research and new business development. These services were integrated with HCD Research in 1993.

Earlier work experience includes Ortho Diagnostic Systems, a Johnson & Johnson company, from 1969 to 1985. Positions held include: Group Product Director, Marketing Director, Sales Manager and Sales Representative. Responsibilities included general management of sales and marketing functions including market research, product finance, national accounts, sales training and development, product promotion and advertising, technical services and technology acquisition.

Mr. Rowell received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Olivet College in 1966 and served in the US Army from 1966 to 1969 earning the rank of First Lieutenant.

MARCELLA MARKMAN, Executive Vice President of Marketing & Analytics 

As Vice President of Communications and Digital Research, Marcella Markman assists in identifying new business opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry and other industries. Her main responsibilities include business development, developing new products within the consumer research arena and managing qualitative and quantitative research projects. Ms. Markman identifies new business opportunities within our wide range of industries that we serve while working with clients to ensure they receive the best consumer insights they may need. Ms. Markman has been working at HCD for almost 14 years.

Prior to assuming her current responsibilities at HCD Research, Ms. Markman was responsible for recruiting participants, fielding surveys, coordinating projects and developing budgets and project timelines. Ms. Markman also plays an integral role in developing and enhancing the processes within the company’s project management department. She enjoys sharing HCD’s passion of what we do to turnover a client from a skeptic to a believer.

She has participated in various marketing research conferences and training programs including CASRO’s (Council of American Survey Research) Advanced Project Directors Training Workshop and Sales Workshop. 

Ms. Markman graduated from TCNJ as a Mathematics Major and with Law and Justice and Statistics minors.  She specializes in research for the commercialization process of brands, establishing a trust and rapport with all of her clients (whom she likes to call friends), and assists in building the research story with analytics. Ms. Markman has two small fries that are the apple of her eye. The beach and dancing are her serenity and chocolate is the way to her heart.

DR. MICHELLE MURPHY NIEDZIELA, Vice President of Research & Innovation

Dr. Michelle Murphy Niedziela is a behavioral neuroscience expert in neuropsychology, psychology and consumer science with a focus on flavor and fragrance technologies, Dr. Niedziela is experienced in both academic and industry environments. Michelle obtained a PhD and masters in neuroscience and biopsychology from Purdue University and a BS in psychology from Florida State University.

Michelle began her career in the Flavor & Fragrance field as a post doctoral fellow at Monell Chemical Senses Center working on industry sponsored research of functional foods. She continued her career at Johnson & Johnson where she specialized in research and development of innovation technologies and methodologies for consumer products, clinical and experimental protocol and design development for R&D consumer products, discovery and development of innovative consumer science methodologies for consumer products and acted as the technical lead for technology development programs in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, flavor and fragrance. At Mars Chocolate, Michelle worked on global sensory projects and was responsible for supporting global raw material projects from agro practice to application, working cross-functionally with global teams on innovative products for developing markets.

A behavioral neuroscience expert in neuropsychology, psychology and consumer science. Experienced from academia (Monell Chemical Senses Center) and industry (Johnson & Johnson, Mars Chocolate) in R&D of innovation technologies and methodologies for consumer research. Started out as Scientific Director, heading research design and handling all things science related. Currently as VP of Research and Innovation at HCD Research, Michelle focuses on finding and integrating new applied consumer neuroscience tools with traditional methods used to measure consumer response.

Outside of the office, Michelle loves travelling and dancing. Her favorites places include Vietnam, Taiwan, Croatia, and Iceland. She also taught Argentine Tango while in graduate school.

RICHARD BERKE, Vice President of Finance & Legal Affairs

Richard has been with HCD for 20 years. As Vice President of Finance and Legal Affairs, he oversees all financial matters and directs accounting functions for HCD. Advises the company’s executives and senior managers on legal matters related to the organizations operations including laws and regulations impacting the marketing research industry. Represents HCD Research at the Insights Association General Counsel and Privacy Officer Forum. 

Richard Berke directs financial operations at HCD Research. He is also responsible for providing guidance on legal matters that include contract, privacy, intellectual property, security and other technology related issues.

Prior to joining the company, Berke held various legal and academic positions, including serving as an attorney in a private law practice and as an adjunct professor at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Berke earned a BA from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and a JD from Boston College. He is licensed to practice law before the courts of the Commonwealths of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

ALLISON GUTKOWSKI, Director of Global Research

As Director of Global Research for HCD Research, Allison specializes in all things client related, including educational sessions on Neuro 101 and applications, building relationships and developing proposals and research programs. She is responsible for new business development as well as account and project management. Ms. Gutkowski is a principal presenter of Applied Consumer Neuroscience for HCD Research and travels the country giving educational discussions. Allison has been a guest lecturer at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, The College of New Jersey and Rutgers University.

Prior to joining HCD, Allison presented her academic research to the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in the fields of consumer behavior and marketing. Ms. Gutkowski earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The College of New Jersey. In 2013, Allison started HCD as an Associate Account Executive and Project manager to understand project processes and the inner-workings with each unique project. 

Allison is very passionate about what we do here at HCD and loves to talk about it. As Director of Global Research, Allison focuses on growing HCD’s business in the sensory and product space internationally. This includes identifying business opportunities in this space, developing products and research programs. Allison loves hearing clients’ pain points and unique obstacles that they face with their products and brands. This allows us to explore new approaches and applications that provide a solution to a problem they have not been able to solve with past research approached. Each question brings a new challenge. When the workday ends she spends her time exercising and playing sports; hiking and volleyball are her favorites. I love to cook, but not bake. I have conditioned myself like Pavlov’s dog, to fall asleep every time I read.

AMANDA GOLOD, Director of Analytics

As the Director of Analytics at HCD Research, Amanda consults with account executives regarding study objectives, survey design, sampling and research methodologies.

She is also responsible for managing quantitative market research projects, including developing questionnaires, analyzing research data using SPSS and preparing comprehensive client reports. In addition, Mrs. Golod provides quality control during the survey testing and client deliverable phases of research projects.

She is also a trained technician for biometrics and is responsible for biometric study reporting, including developing the appropriate data visuals and analysis of the results.

Prior to joining HCD Research, Mrs. Golod served as an intern for Gallup & Robinson Research and Consulting where she worked on a pricing model for the company and was exposed to the marketing research process.

Mrs. Golod earned a BA in mathematics, with secondary concentrations in Finance and Statistics, from The College of New Jersey. Continuing her education, she also completed the Principles of Market Research program through the University of Georgia.

KRISTOPHER WOUNG-FALLON, Manager of Creative Strategy & Marketing

As Manager of Creative Strategy & Marketing of HCD Research, Kristopher leads our Creative and Marketing team in the process of developing and implementing creative strategy to boost our overall exposure and communicate our methodologies in the most effective ways to our current & potential client base. He is responsible for the creative delivery and timeline of various in-house initiatives to ensure effective, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing execution. 

Prior to joining HCD, Kris received his BS in Business Administration with a minor in Graphic Design and a concentration in Marketing from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ. In 2017, Kris started at HCD as a Creative Lead to begin learning about our technologies, methodologies, and overall landscape of the market research industry while also beginning several creative projects to boost our brand identity. 

Kris is very passionate about brand and product harmony as it relates to a company’s overall performance with its consumers. Coming from a background in design and marketing, the process from concept to performance evaluation is super interesting to explore! When work is over he spends his time exercising, going to the beach whenever possible, binging his favorite albums, and spending time with his family & friends.

BEVERLY REID, Senior Project Manager

Before joining HCD, Beverly earned her BSIT from the University of Phoenix. For 18 years, she worked as Director of Data Operations/IT at Adelphi Research by Design where she oversaw all aspects of quantitative research, specializing in front and back-end programming, coding, and advanced analytics. Beverly also managed a team of 5 programmers, as well as IT staff.  

Beverly has been working at HCD Research for almost ten years. Before becoming Senior Project Manager, Beverly was a Coder and Qualitative Coordinator at HCD. She loves the variety that comes with working at HCD and the kind hearted staff she works alongside.


Amy Davidson Kessler has been working at HCD 5 years. Ms. Kessler earned her BA in Early Childhood and Elementary Education at American University, Washington, DC. For almost 20 years, Ms. Kessler was a preschool and a Kindergarten teacher in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

CARA SILVESTRI, Manager of Client Relations & Strategic Marketing

Cara is a graduate from the College of New Jersey, with bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and International Studies. During her time at TCNJ, she was active in many different clubs and societies including club ultimate frisbee, the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, social sorority Sigma Kappa and studied abroad in France for a semester. In addition to participating in many fundraising and community enhancement programs hosted through these clubs, Cara carried this experience through today and often volunteers to help with local ultimate frisbee events working with the youth community. Before joining HCD, Cara enjoyed working at her family business in northern New Jersey, the Goffle Road Poultry Farm, which is a small business serving all natural, free range poultry products locally and nationally for 60 years. 

Cara loves the variety of jobs we take on at HCD – from testing all sorts of communications to product testing to syndicated studies used to validate the work we do and to develop new methodologies. In addition to interesting day to day business, HCD focuses on educating the greater market research industry on how to best apply neuroscience and psychological tools into research properly, even hosting a whole conference dedicated to this goal. This approach, dedicated to academically and scientifically sound research, makes the work we do even more meaningful, enjoyable and interesting as we tackle new and compelling questions every day.

Cara is an avid player of Ultimate Frisbee, playing year round in various leagues around New Jersey and playing competitive ultimate with her club team, Princeton Jughandle. Her team was able to qualify for the club national championship in 2018, finishing 12th out of the top 16 teams in the nation. This year, Cara has been working harder than ever to develop her athleticism and skill set so that the team can once again be honored to play against some of the best teams in the country. 

CAROLYN STURM, Market Research Manager

As Research Analyst, Carolyn primarily assists in the process of successfully executing various types of research projects. This includes the development of surveys and discussion guides, the fielding of surveys and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data. Her goal is to create meaningful, clear reports that will help answer client research questions.

Carolyn graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelors of Science Business degree with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Management. While studying at TCNJ, she executed research with an external company to help align their new branding launch with potential client perceptions of how they will be using the data the management tool provides them.

After a year of working at HCD, Carolyn is passionate about helping others do their jobs well and knows that her analytical work helps give them answers for the power to do just that. Carolyn is a cat person, foodie, music enthusiast and a huge fan of anything involving nature or the outdoors.

RACHEL HORN, Market Research Manager

Rachel is a recent graduate from The College of New Jersey. At TCNJ, Ms. Horn studied psychology and participated in multiple labs and research projects that helped hone her love for scientific inquiry and research in general. These included TCNJ’s Memory & Aging Lab and its Testing and Assessment in Psychology Lab as well as her own Honors Thesis project on the effect of calorie labeling on menus. Through these experiences, Ms. Horn developed important research skills and learned about the best ways to design, execute, and report a study.

Through her research and classes at TCNJ, she also developed a strong interest in real-world applications of psychology, particularly how psychology can be applied to business. When she first learned about HCD Research, she was particularly interested in its mission to do just  this—apply neuroscience to inform marketing decisions. She began her role as an analyst at HCD this past October and have already had opportunities to see neuromarketing in action. She is truly looking forward to further honing my skills as a research analyst and grow along with this ever-developing field!

KATHRYN AMBROZE, Manager of Behavioral & Marketing Sciences

Joining HCD as a Behavioral Research Scientist in the beginning of 2019, Kathryn is a part of the Research and Innovation team. Her role at HCD involves continuously trying to help improve applied neuroscience designs, testing environments, and tactical strategy work to streamline the innovation process. Kathryn manages and operates on- and off-site client and internal research programs by fielding physiological, EEG and eye-tracking data. Her job also involves acting as a liaison for the scientific community and the general public by simplifying complex scientific concepts for publications, presentations and blog posts. Kathryn really appreciates how her role at HCD provides the freedom to explore new ideas and think critically about progressions within the fields. She also loves working with professionals of different disciplines who encourage collaborating and brainstorming.

Kathryn received her BS from Muhlenberg College where she studied Neuroscience and Business. During her time at Muhlenberg, she was a researcher in a Memory and Arousal Neuroscience Lab and a Consumer Psychology Lab. Her academic interests led her to study abroad in Denmark, where she began merging her passions for marketing and neuroscience by interning with international businesses and learning more about Behavioral Neuroscience. The interdisciplinary approach allowed Kathryn to apply what she learned in the classroom and lab to different activities she participated in such as the Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity and the Chamber Orchestra.

Music is a very big part of her life. Kathryn play violin, viola and piano, but also loves attending theater performances, going to music festivals or just listening to a playlist of any genre on Spotify.

BRIAN ZIMMERMAN, Chief Lead & Meeting Generator

As Chief Lead and Meeting Generator, Brian turns leads into new clients. Brian has been working at HCD Research since 2014. He has 20 years of experience working in Sales. Brian has been an avid guitar player since the age of three.

BROOKE KELMAN, Finance Assistant

Brooke has been working at HCD since March of 2019! As an accounting assistant she works on payables while assisting with other accounting needs as necessary. Brooke attended Longwood University for two years before graduating from Strayer University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Prior to joining the HCD team, she worked as an accounting assistant for 10 years for a content solutions company that works with academic and trade publishers. Brooke says that her favorite part about working at HCD is her fantastic coworkers and a great work environment. In her free time, Brooke enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children– camping, hiking, canoeing, gardening, and going on trips!