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May 25, 2011The media provides flawless coverage — Press release received by e-mail from HCD Research in Flemington, N.J.: "A new national media study among 1,201 Americans revealed that the majority of respondents indicated that among the recent world events, the death of Osama bin Laden, the appointment of Ashton Kutcher to replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' and the floods in Mississippi are receiving the appropriate coverage."

March 25, 2011News media’s focus on most events ‘appropriate’ — One of the most common complaints newspaper editors deal with is that we focus too much or too little on certain stories. In response, a New Jersey research operation, HCD Research, decided to conduct a nationwide survey of how the media have done in covering the big stories of the recent past.

March 3, 2011The TV Column: Let the Charlie Sheen Backlash begin — According to new studies, conducted by marketing and consumer research companies HCD and Rasmussen Reports, Sheen's Scorched Earth Media Tour - in which he's been railing against his "Two and a Half Men" employers Warner Bros. TV and CBS - has backfired. Hardly any of the 748 people HCD polled after Sheen's campaign erupted on ABC's "Good Morning America" were buying Sheen's cured-himself-of-substance-abuse-with-a-blink-of-an-eye gag.

January 1, 2011Dan Moran: Fame is fleeting — and fickle — Looking back on the year that was, HCD Research — a New Jersey-based company that takes the pulse of communications in our world — reported this week that we were oversaturated on Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods, but were properly saturated with Gary Coleman.

December 21, 2010Text messages from press row… — An HCD Research study shows that Americans believe media coverage of the Tiger Woods sex scandal has been excessive even when compared to the saturation coverage given Michael Jackson's death last summer. . . .

December 15, 2010Does your doctor believe in miracles? You might be surprised — A new national survey of 1,005 physicians revealed that 75 percent of them say that miracles can occur these days. That's higher than two years ago when 70 percent of doctors interviewed said they believed in miracles. Conducted by HCD Research, the survey asked doctors about their perceptions of faith, prayer and miracles in the medical field as well as their everyday lives. Among the findings: The majority of physicians (53 percent) indicated that they pray for their patients, compared to the 2008 study in which 49 percent said they pray for their patients. In addition, there was a slight increase in the percentage of physicians who reported that they encourage their patients to pray because it is psychologically and spiritually beneficial.

November 9, 2010Palin Gaining Some Presidential Support — A new national study shows that people were more likely to vote for Sarah Palin for President after watching a TV ad featuring her. The study was conducted on November 4, by HCD Research using its MediaCurves.com® website. It polled 1,681 self-reported Democrats, Republicans and Independents, and it revealed that all parties were slightly more likely to vote for Palin if she ran for president after viewing a new ad.

October 25, 2010When is media coverage too much? — HCD Research has been asking its online respondents which major news stories got too much news coverage – and, to quote the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, which was “just right.” The research firm found that the “just right” award goes to media coverage of the Chilean mineworkers rescue. Can you guess the most overdone news story?

October 17, 2010Muslim in Montana — ... And just this month, another study found Americans have increasingly negative views of a woman wearing a hijab, a traditional Muslim headscarf. That study, by HCD research, found the number of Americans who would rather women with the headscarves live in another city or even another country, increased by 9 percent in the past year to 38 percent, compared to 29 percent in 2009.

August 6, 2010Tracking the Image Trackers — Next month a new service, Netclass Brand Rating, will track such online discussions, primarily for pharmaceutical clients. One to three percent of online discussions “will be misread or misinterpreted, but generally it works,” said Glenn Kessler, president of HCD Research, which will roll out the product. Kessler said Netclass isn’t intended to measure perception among all consumers. “We’re focusing on the discussion online,” he said. “We can’t say what the brand perception is among randomly chosen consumers.”

July 13, 2010Majority of Americans Not Sweet on Sugary Drinks Tax — Nearly 75 percent of Americans are against a proposed tax on sugary drinks; however, 51 percent said they would support a soda tax if it had the potential to decrease healthcare costs, according to results from a national online survey conducted by HCD Research.

May 28, 2010American Idol voting system disputed — HCD Research has been conducting its own online research throughout the airing of “American Idol” on Fox and has frequently come up with results which differed from the official voting. HCD now says its national study conducted among 3,901 American Idol viewers revealed that the contestant who was selected as the winner of the Season 9 competition did not accurately reflect the viewers' choice.

May 26, 2010Survey: Bowersox Should Win 'American Idol' — "American Idol" singer Crystal Bowersox should be the next American Idol according to a new study of viewers and voters. Lee DeWyze finished a distant second in the voting. In a national study of 3,901 "American Idol" viewers Bowersox was selected as the contestant who should win American Idol this season based on her performances last night. Bowersox received 66.2 percent of the votes, while Dewyze received 33.8.3 percent of the votes. The study was conducted on May 25 and 26 by HCD Research using its mediacurves.com Web site, to obtain "American Idol" viewers' perceptions of which contestants should be eliminated on Wednesday's results show.

May 19, 2010Study: James Should Go, Bowersox Tops — (CANVAS STAFF REPORTS) - "American Idol" singer Crystal Bowersox continues to out-sing the competition and rank tops with viewers and voters, while most think Casey James should be eliminated from the singing competition, according to a new study. A national study of 4,119 "American Idol" viewers placed James at the bottom of the final three based on his performance Tuesday night, while Bowersox was voted tops. Bowersox received 55.1 percent of the votes for the contestant most want to move forward, while James only received 15.3 percent of the votes. The middle spot had Lee DeWyze with 31.6 percent of the votes. The study was conducted on May 18 and 19 by HCD Research using its mediacurves.com Web site, to obtain "American Idol" viewers' perceptions of which contestants should be eliminated on Wednesday's results show.

April 21, 2010Study: Bowersox Should Stay, Kelly Should Go — Crystal Bowersox continues to wow viewers and voters, while most think Aaron Kelly should be voted off "American Idol," according to a new study. A national study of 3,081 "American Idol" viewers placed the Kelly at the bottom of the list based on his performance Tuesday night, while Bowersox was voted tops. The study was conducted on April 20 and 21 by HCD Research using its mediacurves.com Web site, to obtain "American Idol" viewers' perceptions of which contestants should be eliminated on Wednesday's results show.

April 15, 2010Canine politics — According to dial-testing conducted by the independent HCD Research, the ad was the second most effective among all 2008 commercials they measured. “The ad, which focuses on Gov. Palin’s record regarding the treatment of wildlife in Alaska, seemed to strike a chord with voters,” said HCD president Glenn Kessler.

April 15, 2010How Could Tiger, Nike and Donny Be So Dumb? — None of these online polls was scientific. But a real survey by HCD Research confirms the consensus of the web: The top two reactions to the ad were confusion (44%) and skepticism (37%), as MediaPost's MarketingDaily reported. Most tellingly, according to HCD, viewers who rated Nike brand as "favorable" or "extremely favorable" decreased "from 92% prior to viewing the video to 79% after viewing the video." Tiger's personal ratings also dropped and 29% of viewers said the ad made them less likely to buy stuff from Nike. So that debate is over. The ad was crap and counterproductive.

April 14, 2010Text messages from press row… — An HCD Research study shows that Americans believe media coverage of the Tiger Woods sex scandal has been excessive even when compared to the saturation coverage given Michael Jackson's death last summer. . . .

April 9, 2010Nike Tiger Ad Fails To Score — If the aim of Nike's new ad featuring Tiger Woods was to cause confusion and skepticism, it's a hole in one. Perhaps more importantly, a survey of 600 U.S. viewers by Flemington, N.J.-based HCD Research, also noted the controversial commercial's "favorability" for the Nike brand has dropped off, falling from 92% to 79%.

April 8, 2010Survey: Tiger Woods' Ad Confuses Viewers — A national media study asked 600 Americans to view the new ad by Nike featuring Woods and describe the emotion they felt while viewing. "Confusion" ranked at the top with 44 percent of viewers, followed with 37 percent selecting "skepticism." "Sadness' and "disturbing" followed with 25 and 26 percent respectively. Only one percent selected "happiness" as the emotion they felt viewing the ad. The study was conducted by HCD Research on April 8 using its MediaCurves.com Web site to obtain viewers' perceptions of the new, controversial ad.

April 7, 2010Study: 'Idol' Aaron Kelly Should Be Booted — A national study of 3,305 "American Idol" viewers revealed most feel that Aaron Kelly should be eliminated from the next round of the singing contest based on his performance Tuesday night. Viewers again gave Crystal Bowersox the nod for the best performance. The study was conducted on April 6 and 7, by HCD Research using its mediacurves.com Web site to obtain "American Idol" viewers’ perceptions of which contestants should be eliminated on Wednesday’s results show.

April 6, 2010Tiger Woods winning back the public — Fans cheered Tiger Woods during his practice round at Augusta National Golf Club Monday and those watching appear to be coming back into the fold after viewing his latest press conference. Results from a national media study among 1,200 Americans revealed that the average ratings of favorability towards Tiger Woods increased from a score of 3.7 to a score of 3.9, on a scale of 1 to 7, after viewing video clips from Woods' press conference Monday afternoon. The study was conducted Monday by HCD Research in Flemington, N.J., using its MediaCurves.com website, to obtain viewers' perceptions of video clips from a press conference given by Tiger Woods at the Masters golf tournament.

March 31, 2010Top 10 Contestant Ranking - 3 Rating Services — HCD Research is conducting a series of studies among a nationally representative sample of Americans, which parallel the American Idol voting to determine the weekly winners based on a democratic, “one person, one vote” methodology.

March 24, 2010How does the health care lawsuit play with the independent voters? — If you're wondering why the states are pressing on with this lawsuit over health care reform — and how it's playing with voters — here is some timely insight from Flemington, N.J.-based HCD Research:
• Eighty-three percent of Republicans said the states' lawsuit is motivated by constitutional concerns.
• Eighty-one percent of Democrats said the state officials are motivated by partisanship, the Republicans' agenda, or personal political aspirations.
That's not surprising, and it certainly explains why Idaho Gov. Butch Otter, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and a host of state legislators made a big show of joining the health care reform lawsuit Tuesday. It plays well, in an election year, with the Republican base.

March 19, 2010Do Doctors Support Or Oppose Health Overhaul? Who Knows? — Do physicians in the main support the Obama-congressional health-care overhaul or not? A straight-forward question without an equally straight-forward answer apparently. For example, a market research company, HCD Research Inc., just this week asked a panel of 900 doctors their opinion. The question: "Which of the following best describes your overall opinion regarding the Obama Administration's current plan for health-care reform?" HCD Research reports that 71 percent of the doctors had an unfavorable opinion while 29 percent reported they felt favorably.

March 17, 2010Study: Crystal Bowersox Best, Paige Miles Should Be Booted from 'American Idol' — A national study of 3,230 "American Idol" viewers revealed that Paige Miles was selected as the contestant that should be eliminated from the next round of the competition based on her performance last night.

March 15, 2010Ellen Gray: '30 Rock' takes a swipe at Comcast & Philly — Someone (and it looks as if it'll have to be me) should tell that to an outfit called HCD Research in Flemington, N.J., which regularly sends out press releases heralding the results of pop culture-related polling it's done. Lately, as part of what it's calling an "Idol Democracy study," it's been arguing that "American Idol's" been voting off the "wrong" contestants, based on the company's sampling of 6,727 "Idol" viewers whose choices disagreed with the millions who may have texted or touch-toned their fingers to the bone as they tried to keep one not very interesting contestant or another from having to go home. It's Season 9, people! Get a grip.

March 9, 2010Study: 'Idol' results differ with restricted voting — “American Idol” viewers can vote for their favorite singer as many times as they want, but would results be different if everyone had just one vote? Absolutely. That's the finding of HCD Research’s “Idol Democracy,” an online survey on its mediacurves.com web site.

March 7, 2010Celebrities' star power can flicker or flame — A publicist for Woods was quoted on Bloomberg last Thursday as saying the public did buy into Tiger's confession, pointing to an HCD Research survey taken the day of his public apology. It indicated that 31 percent liked what they heard, and 17 percent liked him less. That left 52 percent with unchanged opinions.

March 6, 2010'Snapshot of America': These are Census Bureau ads? Go figure. — Viewers rated the first Census Bureau spot as the third-worst Super Bowl commercial, based on such factors as emotion, memorability and word-of-mouth impact, according to HCD Research, which conducted a nationwide survey immediately after the game.

February 26, 2010The Numbers Behind Modern Star Search — HCD Research moves more quickly when a star apologizes, rounding up panel participants to view the apology online, sometimes within minutes, and scoring the contrite statement. “We want our tool to be used when the chief executive of a major corporation has a major problem and wants to know what kind of message to get out,” said Glenn Kessler, president and chief executive of HCD Research.

February 23, 2010Is the Tiger Woods Era Over? — A related national media study by HCD Research revealed that 64% of U.S. viewers found Woods' apology to be "sufficient," while 60% considered his apology sincere. Some 52% of viewers claimed their perception of the golfer had not changed, while 31% said their perception had improved and 17% said their opinion had deteriorated.

February 19, 2010Poll Suggests Most Americans Believe Tiger Woods Is Sorry for Infidelity — A national media study of 1,090 Americans conducted by HCD Research revealed 60 percent of people who watched Woods' apology thought he was sincere, with women actually edging out men 61 percent to 58 percent. The same poll showed 31 percent of viewers saying their perception of the embattled golfer had improved, while 17 percent said it had changed in a negative way. 51 percent said their opinion remained unchanged.

February 17, 2010Ads Fail to Score Big — Despite the record viewership during the New Orleans Saints’ upset win over the favored Indianapolis Colts, a panel of about 3000 viewers rated this year’s top five ads four to five percentage points lower than last year’s top five ads four to five percentage points lower than last year’s in terms of three metrics used by marketing-analysis firm HCD Research. The ads were rated for interest, emotional resonance and the “water-cooler effect” – the likelihood that people will act on them or spread the word about the ad.

February 1, 2010Toyota reveals plans to fix pedal problem — The unprecedented situation put a big dent in Toyota's reputation for quality. A poll by HCD Research showed that 56 percent of respondents said they were less likely to buy a Toyota after watching Lentz's appearance on the NBC's "Today" show to explain the fix Monday morning.

January 25, 2010Smokers Say Glaxo Ads Don't Suck — In a new survey 72 percent of smokers said they thought the use of the word "sucks" was appropriate or extremely appropriate in Glaxo's Nicorette ad campaign that I've been blogging about over the past several weeks.

January 11, 2010A Risky Proposal — This fall, the spot was tested by H.C.D., a New Jersey-based advertising-research firm, and Republicans were surprisingly receptive: fifty-five per cent of them called the ad “effective,” even though only twenty-nine per cent of them supported gay marriage. Glenn Kessler, the head of research for H.C.D., told me, “That suggests a useful dissonance.” The ad didn’t change many minds after one viewing, he noted, but the reaction “suggests that if you tell that kind of story over and over you could get some movement.” Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/01/18/100118fa_fact_talbot?currentPage=8#ixzz0cKpDfFM4

December 23, 2009American Idol: Will you watch if Simon Cowell leaves? — HCD Research has put the question to 800 “Idol” fans: Will their viewing of “Idol” change if Cowell leaves? The survey, conducted on the MediaCurves.com Web site, found that 47 percent said they would watch less, 46 percent said they would watch the same amount and 7 percent would watch more.

December 22, 2009The sad story of the donkey's ears — "Americans continue to be less tolerant of elaborate Christmas decorations" is the headline on a news release from HCD Research, which did the important work of polling the citizenry to test tolerance levels.

December 15, 2009Poll: Grubbs's apology '09's least sincere — Tiger Woods's alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs topped a list of the least sincere U.S. celebrity-related apologies of 2009, HCD Research said.

November 25, 2009Support for tanning prosecutions — Nearly 90 percent of Americans believe the government should restrict teens younger than 18 from using tanning beds and prosecute businesses that allow them to do so, according to a New Jersey-based public opinion research group.

November 20, 2009Study: Majority of docs disagree with new mammograms recommendations — Results from a new media study among 600 physicians revealed the majority, 78 percent, reported they do not agree with the new guidelines released by the Preventive Services Task Force of the Department of Health and Human Services recommending against regular mammography tests for women under 50 years old.

October 14, 2009Study: Most Likeable Celebrities in 2009 — Results from a series of national media studies that obtained Americans' ratings of celebrities in the news in 2009 revealed that Olympic swimmer and Fells Point resident Michael Phelps, along with "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, ranked as the most likable.

October 14, 2009Study: Most Likeable Celebrities in 2009 — Michael Phelps ranks second behind "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson among Americans' most likable celebrities, according to an HCD Research study. . . . Michael Vick, surprisingly, is not the least likable, that dubious distinction going to Jackson 5 patriarch Joe Jackson. . . .

October 7, 2009The Letterman Nonscandal Scandal — A MediaCurves.com poll shows the "scandal" in fact did not change the perception of most Letterman viewers. No surprise. Despite Dave's regular attempts at mocking their intelligence, his viewers aren't stupid.

October 5, 2009Study: Most Think Letterman Was Sincere — (MYFOX NATIONAL) - A new study among 505 viewers of David Letterman's sex scandal confession revealed that the majority reported that their perceptions of late night talk show host have not changed after viewing the confession. The study was conducted by HCD Research using its MediaCurves.com Web site on Oct. 1 and 2 after Letterman revealed on his show last Thursday that he had been involved in affairs with female staffers on his show and that he was being blackmailed because of it.

September 30, 2009Study: Humor makes for most effective ads — They say laughter is the best medicine, and it also might be the most effective form of advertising. A majority of men and women say ads and public service announcements that use humor and wit are most effective, according to a new study from HCD Research. A total of 58 percent of respondents said humor contributes to their interpretation of an effective ad, followed by a personal connection with a product (50 percent), an ad that focuses on facts and detailed information (48 percent), and an ad that evokes a feeling of positivity or happiness (46 percent).

September 27, 2009Randy Jackson on 'America's Best Dance Crew,' Ellen DeGeneres, and his rampant use of 'for me, for you' — There was a Media Curves study last February that actually ranked you as Idol's most popular judge. Thoughts?

I didn't know about that, and I'm shocked to hear that. Usually in those polls, Simon is the one. I am so happy and I really welcome it. [Laughs] How about that? One for the good guys!

September 21, 2009N.J. governor's race TV advertisements wage battle of political caricatures — Negative ads are most effective when they criticize candidates for issues, rather than personality traits -- especially among critical independent voters, said Glenn Kessler, president and CEO of HCD Research, a Flemington firm that recently tested anti-Corzine and anti-Christie ads with 200 voters.

What you don't want among independents is skepticism, Kessler said. "My hypothesis is that in bad times, people want answers. They don't want critiques on personality."

August 26, 2009Poll: Most Want Texting PSA Shown in US — (MYFOX NATIONAL) - Most Americans who viewed a British Public Service Announcement (PSA) illustrating the dangers of texting and driving say they are less likely to text while driving, according to a new poll. The majority of Americans also say the controversial PSA should be aired in the U.S. The study was conducted by HCD Research using its MediaCurves.com Web site on Aug. 25, to obtain viewers' perceptions of a recent PSA from the U.K. which features graphic scenes to emphasize the dangers of texting while driving.

August 17, 2009The girl with far away eyes: can Palm Pre's offbeat campaign do damage to the iPhone? — ...no way that Palm can match that starting from scratch." Not all feedback has been negative. A study conducted by MediaCurves.com found that the ads evoke "inspiration" and "happiness" in viewers. And some consumers have come to the campaign's defense online...

August 16, 2009The Girl With the Far Away Eyes — Not all feedback has been negative. A study conducted by MediaCurves.com found that the ads evoke "inspiration" and "happiness" in viewers. And some consumers have come to the campaign's defense online.

July 22, 2009Study: Most Think Jackson Abused Son — A new national media study of Joe Jackson's interview on "Larry King Live" revealed that an overwhelming majority of viewers reported that Jackson did abuse his son Michael even after he vehemently denied these claims during the interview.

July 15, 2009Nearly Half of Doctors in Poll Fear a "Catastrophic" Global Swine Flu Pandemic is Coming. Preparing For Sick Days a Must — The study, done by HCD Research, tracked physicians' opinions weekly since April and found doctors' concerns at an all-time high.

July 3, 2009Poll: We've Had Enough Michael Jackson — (MYFOX NATIONAL) - A new national study among 1,850 Americans found a majority feel that Michael Jackson's death is receiving too much media coverage in comparison to Farrah Fawcett's.

July 2, 2009Extensive Jackson media coverage leads to errors — Sixty-three percent of Americans say the musician's death is getting too much media coverage, according to a survey released Thursday by HCD Research.

June 17, 2009Survey: Letterman Apology Sincere — A new survey finds that a majority of people believe that David Letterman's apology to Sarah Palin and her daughters was sincere.

June 17, 2009Majority Say Letterman's Apology to Palin Was Sincere After Viewing Video — A new national study among 500 viewers of video clips featuring David Letterman's remarks about Sarah Palin's daughter and his apology on Monday night revealed that 60% of responders indicated that Letterman's apology was sincere.

May 12, 2009HEALTH CARE REPORT: Swine flu fears wane — Only 10 percent of physicians reported that they were "concerned" or "extremely concerned" about the swine flu, in a survey conducted by HCD Research and the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion between April 27 and May 6. A similar poll conducted a week earlier showed that 21 percent of physicians had a similar level of concern.

May 1, 2009Joe Biden, the Flu and You — In fact, one recent survey of 1,039 physicians showed that 63 percent believed “that there is some level of risk that the swine flu will result in a worldwide catastrophic pandemic.” This information comes from HCD Research, which is based in Flemington, N.J.

April 28, 2009Poll: Doctors Concerned About Swine Flu — A new study conducted by HCD Research and the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion found that 63 percent of 1,039 physicians polled expressed concern that the situation could result in a large number of deaths worldwide.

April 24, 2009Brands Under Attack: Marketers Can Learn From Domino's Video Disaster — In addition, a national study conducted by HCD Research using its Media Curves Web site found that 65% of respondents who would previously visit or order Domino's Pizza were less likely to do so afte r viewing the offensive video.

April 21, 2009Reaction to Obama-Chavez exchange split along party lines — Was President Barack Obama's “friendly” exchange last week with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez irresponsible? According to the communications research company HCD Research, Americans answer that question along party lines. Just 7 percent of Democrats thought the exchange was irresponsible on Obama's part. 42 percent of Republicans said it was.

April 20, 2009Domino’s Response Offers Lessons in Crisis Management — Domino's, a pizza chain based in Ann Arbor, Mich., faced a crisis not of its own making, but its response was telling of how to manage such crises today. Already, a new national study conducted by HCD Research using its Media Curves Web site found 65% of respondents who would previously visit or order Domino's Pizza were less likely to do so after viewing the offending video.

April 17, 2009Domino's Takes a Hit After 'Prank' Video — According to a new national study conducted by HCD Research using its Media Curves web site, 65 percent of respondents who would previously visit or order Domino's Pizza, were less likely to do so after viewing the video.

March 27, 2009What if public could vote off an "American Idol" judge? — A company called Media Curves conducts a survey to rate the "American Idol" judges after each performance show. According to their research, Randy Jackson scores the highest marks and Kara DioGuardi the lowest. Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell fall somewhere in the middle (but with Simon failing miserably in the likability category).

March 19, 2009Serious Overtones to Jon Stewart's Smack Down — A small, nationwide sampling of 448 self-reported Democrats, Republicans and independents said that by a landslide (74 percent), Stewart whupped Cramer pretty good. The study was conducted on March 13 by HCD Research, a communications research company headquartered in Flemington, N.J.

February 25, 2009Study: Obama's Approval Up After Speech — President Obama reignited feelings of inspiration following his speech to Congress on Tuesday, according to a new national study. The 1,600 respondents in the survey conducted by HCD Research were asked a series of questions before and after Obama made his speech. Before his speech, 80 percent of Democrats, 22 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of Independents approved of his job as president. After the speech, 88 percent of Democrats, 33 percent of Republicans and 67 percent of Independents approved.

February 24, 2009Sharpton wants investigation of News Corp. — The Rev. Al Sharpton was still not satisfied Tuesday after New York Post owner Rupert Murdoch issued an unprecedented personal apology over a controversial cartoon that was branded racist.

An HCD Research poll of self-reported Democrats, Republicans and independents showed that a majority of voters in all three groups believe the cartoon had racist undertones. More than half (61%) of those questioned felt it was directed toward Obama and that the editor who approved it should be held responsible.

February 2, 2009N.J. firm says Budweiser had three of top five Super Bowl ads — The marketing mavens behind Budwesier beer came up with three of the top five television commercials during the Super Bowl Sunday night, according to a HCD Research of Flemington.

January 21, 2009Obama's Work Begins Amid Hopeful America — With the parades behind him, President Barack Obama begins Day One of his new administration with an encouraging sign. That is that the American people are more hopeful now that he's in office, according to a study by MediaCurves.com.

January 20, 2009Study finds viewers liked Obama's speech — At HCD Research in Raritan Township, approval for Obama was evident both in the results of the national study the media research firm conducted today, and in the response of office workers who gathered to watch the inauguration on a flat-screen TV.

January 18, 2009Gauging Obama's inaugural impact — Raritan Twp. firm to poll nation on the new president -- Panelists in the study will be asked whether they think Obama is "hardworking" and "honest," and whether the speech made them feel "hopeful" or "confident" or "sad."

"We will explore emotions as well as changes in how people view his leadership attributes, pre- versus post-viewing of the speech", said Glenn Kessler, president of HCD Research of Raritan Township.

January 13, 2009HCD Research of Flemington will rate Super Bowl commercials — For the third year, HCD Research of Flemington will conduct a national study during the Super Bowl to rate the commercials. The winners will be announced on Feb. 2. Results will be posted on mediacurves.com. Winners from 2007 and 2008 are also on this site.

November 3, 2008Poll Asks for Presidential Predictions, Rather Than Preference — Most presidential polls ask respondents whom they'll be voting for Tuesday. One poll released Monday took a different tack: asking respondents to predict who will win the election. The poll, conducted online by HCD Research Inc., asked 2,726 respondents, “If you could win $1,000 by predicting the winner of the presidential election, which candidate would you say is going to win the presidential election on November 4th?”

October 8, 2008The Likeability Factor — The chattering classes may have declared last night's Nashville debate a draw, but the public seems to have disagreed. Every single scientific poll released since the curtain closed, in fact, has proclaimed Barack Obama the evening's overwhelming winner. (All of these surveys adhered to standard polling practice--phone calls, representative sampling--and none were conducted online.) There's CNN, which shows Obama clobbering McCain 54 percent] to 34 percent among viewers nationwide. There's CBS, which gives the Illinois senator a 40 percent to 26 percent advantage among uncommitteds. SurveyUSA has a 56 percent to 26 percent pro-Obama split, while independents at Mediacurves.com thought the Democrat outperformed the Republican 52 percent to 34 percent.

October 3, 2008Biden won independents in VP debate — Our Media Curves research friends got real-time responses from more than a thousand self-identified Democrats, Republicans and independents last night during the vice presidential debate between Sen. Joe Biden an Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The respondents responding by cell-phone in real-time indicated that Biden won on the issues that were tested with the all important independent group time and again. Here are some of the results.

August 1, 2008Molinaro knows which way the wind blows — Borough President James Molinaro: Energy visionary? He doesn't think so, but a recent poll showed that many Americans believe that presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain should adopt oil magnate T. Boone Pickens' stance on seeking alternative energy sources, including Molinaro's favorite, wind power.

July 15, 2008CNN Segment Dramatically Shifts Opinion on MRFF Lawsuit Among Both Non-Christians and Christians — In a study conducted by MediaCurves, over 200 Christians and over 100 non-Christians were asked a series of questions both before and after viewing the CNN segment, which can be viewed here in its entirety.

July 13, 2008N.J. firm's 'curves' track opinions — Technology follows viewers' reactions in lightning-fast time -- When Barack Obama launched a biographical TV ad recently, a small group of analysts readied for action in a nondescript office building in Flemington. At first, the ad looked pretty good to a stable of survey participants, whose reactions from across the country flowed in over the internet. But then, as Obama re-counted his upbringing and values, the reactions began to split along party lines. At the nexus of politics and technology is MediaCurves.com, a service of HCD Research, which has devised a simple and unique way to gauge perceptions of political ads and a wide range of other video content on the web.

May 16, 2008National Research Firm Launches Music Video Contest for Election '08 — HCD Research announced today that it will use its mediacurves.com web site to conduct a national contest in which Americans will be invited to submit music videos in support of the two presidential candidates or parties.

February 5, 2008Fox sets new Super Bowl records with audience and ad revenues — The New York Giants' dramatic last-minute win over the New England Patriots pulled in 97.5m viewers and $250m in ad dollars, giving TV network Fox and advertisers such as Budweiser, Audi and Pepsi the second biggest event in US television history.

February 5, 2008Ad score card's winners, losers — I thought this year the game was much more interesting than the advertising, said Glenn Kessler, president of HCD Research in Raritan Township, which spent Sunday night scoring and ranking the top 20 Super Bowl commercials on its web site, MediaCurves.com.

February 4, 2008Super Bowl Viewers Say FedEx Delivered Winning Ad — Results of a national study conducted among 2,400 Super Bowl viewers last night revealed that the Federal Express pigeon ad was selected as the number one ad of Super Bowl XLII.

February 4, 2008FedEx gets top marks among Super Bowl ads — HCD Research, Inc., a New Jersey-based communications research firm, gave the FedEx commercial featuring GPS-guided carrier pigeons the highest ratings of all the Super Bowl ads.

February 4, 2008The Postgame Ad-Ranking Game — A firm called HCD Research, which had the FedEx ad first, recruited more than 2,400 people, who watched and rated just one ad each, online and divorced from the context of the game.

February 2, 2008Anheuser-Busch Loses Ad Meter Crown to Consumer-Generated Spot — But A-B President Dave Peacock was gracious in defeat: "Hats off to Doritos," he said. "It's great for them." Mr. Peacock noted correctly, however, that A-B's ads didn't exactly flop in the polls. They placed second and third in the Ad Meter and won at least two other consumer surveys (AOL Fanhouse and Mediacurves.com).

February 2, 2008Canny candidates take a holiday for Super Bowl — ..."watching the game like real Americans would," said Glenn Kessler, whose HCD Research marketing firm has tapped 2,000 Americans to rate the Super Bowl commercials.

February 2, 2008Best Super Bowl Ad? Depends on How You Measure — “Our method uses random positioning of the ads outside the context of the game,” Kessler said. “There is likelihood that ‘killer' ads viewed late in the game using the USA Today method will be perceived differently than the same ad early in the game. This doesnt measure creative execution … it measures perceptions tainted by survey fatigue.” He added, of HCD's sample, “Our large panel has better representation of multiple segments.”

January 28, 2008State of the Union Viewers Show Range of Emotions — During the president's State of the Union address, research company MediaCurves.com conducted a poll asking viewers to report the different emotions they were feeling while watching the speech.

January 15, 2008Kennedy ad wins some over to Hugo Chavez — ...ads running now that are similar to those that ran last year can evidently have an effect on the persuadable, which appears to be what is shown by a new study of 404 people, including self-described Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who were surveyed over the Internet by HCD Research Inc, using its MediaCurves.com technology.

January 7, 2008Which Ads Will Score Among Super Bowl Viewers? — HCD Research announced today that it will once again conduct a national study the night of the Super Bowl to rate the commercials and announce the winning ads early Monday morning.

January 4, 2008It's All In Your Headgear: Woman Wearing Shawls Are Less Welcome in the 'Hood — In it's most recent study, the Flemington, N.J.-based outfit looked at perceptions of women wearing shawls or hijab typically worn by Muslim women.

December 16, 2007Steroid report puts focus on schools — According to a survey conducted last week by the Flemington-based firm HCD Research, 59 percent of the 601 people polled want punishment for the major-leaguers cited in the Mitchell Report.

December 8, 2007Brightening up one's image — HCD Research asked half of the study's 900 participants to view a photo of a modest-looking house with a gaudy display that would have put the Griswolds in the "Christmas Vacation" movie to shame.

December 6, 2007National Study Compares Sincerity Levels of Kennedy and Romney Speeches on Religion — A new national study released today compared the levels of sincerity that Americans reported as they viewed John F. Kennedy's famous 1960 speech on religion and a similar speech given by Mitt Romney earlier today in Texas.

December 6, 2007Romney speech an LDS watershed — HCD Research in Flemington, N.J., is already promising to "study the perceptions of Americans shortly following the speech . . . using a battery of analytical tools, the company will report emotions, perceptions of sincerity and persuasion evoked by his speech."

December 2, 2007Idaho Statesman: More gay men describe sexual encounters with U.S. Sen. Craig — And when he emphatically told Matt Lauer he was neither gay nor bisexual, Craig persuaded 28 percent of viewers to believe he had been wrongly charged in Minnesota, according to a survey of 606 viewers by HCD Research and Muhlenberg College.

November 14, 2007Biz Buzz: Ties: Good at work, bad on date — But can society trust a man who isn't wearing a tie? Depends on which gender is doing the judging, according to a recent survey of about 600 people conducted by Flemington-based HCD Research through its Web site, www.mediacurves.com.

November 9, 2007RFQ: Are Guys in Bowties Weird? Dull? Republican? — We think the bow-tied among us are probably older than they look, and they're dull, and brainy. And maybe Republican too. These are some of the results of a survey of more than 900 people by an outfit called HCD Research...

November 1, 2007Dem debate viewers don't like licenses for illegals — HCD Research., a market-research company, has conducted a focus group of self-described Democrats who HCD had watch parts of the Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate, then react to it on-line.

October 26, 2007Does the tie make the man? — It seems that men who wear bow ties have a bit of an image problem, at least according to a study conducted by HCD Research using its mediacurves.com Web site.

October 19, 2007Survey finds interviews boosted support for Craig — A national study found that the level of support for Idaho Sen. Larry Craig increased among people who watched his Tuesday night interview with NBC's Matt Lauer.

October 18, 2007Sen. Craig helped slightly by 'Dateline' interview — Sen. Larry Craig's "Dateline" interview with Matt Lauer the other evening evidently changed some minds in his favor, according to HCD Research, a market researcher that, among other things, conducts virtual focus groups on certain current events and publishes the results through its MediaCurves technology.

October 18, 2007Sen. Craig helped slightly by 'Dateline' interview — Sen. Larry Craig's "Dateline" interview with Matt Lauer the other evening evidently changed some minds in his favor, according to HCD Research, a market researcher that, among other things, conducts virtual focus groups on certain current events and publishes the results through its MediaCurves technology.

September 5, 2007Rating Michael Vick's Apology — When Atlanta Falcons' quarterback Michael Vick finally apologized on Aug. 27 for his actions after pleading guilty to a federal dogfighting charge in Richmond, Va., Slate.com organized an illuminating study. Slate had MediaCurves.com survey 300 Americans, asking them to rate the sincerity of Vick's apology, moment to moment.

September 1, 2007'Dogged' press just reflects consensus — There was an interesting empirical measure of that this week, when the online magazine Slate.com asked its research partner, Mediacurves.com, to monitor in real time the responses of 300 people, as they watched Vick's televised apology for participating in dog fighting. The study found that nobody believed him.

April 19, 2007So Long, Sanjaya — Last week, Mr. Malakar's Latin-themed song got mixed praise, but his country crooning this time was universally panned including by a panel of 1,247 people who evaluated the performances for HCD Research's MediaCurves.com for the second straight week.

February 23, 2007Viewers pooh-pooh judge's boohoos — If you thought Florida Judge Larry Seidlin overstepped the bounds of good taste while presiding over the Anna Nicole Smith hearing, you're not alone. A majority of Americans - 68% - believe the blubbering judge's behavior was inappropriate. And 55% said they "would not" want a judge with his wisecracking style handling a court case involving them, according to the results of a national focus group.

February 6, 2007Blockbuster's cartoon rodents win advertising bowl: — RARITAN TOWNSHIP -- Hours after Peyton Manning hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy to signal the Indianapolis Colts' Super Bowl victory Sunday over the Chicago Bears, another winner was crowned early Monday morning.

December 8, 2006Many docs oppose trans fat ban: survey — (Reuters Health) - There seems to be little support among U.S. doctors for laws banning artificial trans fats in public restaurants. Among a national survey of 600 doctors conducted during December 5-6 in response to New York City's decision to phase out artery-clogging artificial trans fats from public restaurants, more than half (53 percent) indicated that they would be opposed to a national law that would ban trans fats in restaurants.

November 1, 2006With a movie star's help, the Democrats discover a wedge issue — Michael J. Fox isn't the only one making pro-stem-cell research ads for Democrats -- and the numbers show the ads might be working.

October 27, 2006Poll Says Michael J. Fox Ads Hurting GOP — A new study from local pollsters shows the Michael J. Fox's TV ads may be hurting GOP candidates in several key states. The national survey was conducted by HCD Research of Flemington, N.J., and Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion of Allentown, Pa., on October 24 and 25, the two days after Rush Limbaugh criticized Fox's pro-stem cell ads in three states.

October 27, 2006Actor Fox's Ads Hurting GOP, Says Study — Michael J. Fox's political commercials supporting embryonic stem cell research may be harming Republicans according to a study conducted earlier this week and reported today (Friday) by CNSNews.com, a unit of the conservative Media Research Center.

October 26, 2006Actor Fox sparks debate, support for stem cells — WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Stark campaign ads featuring actor Michael J. Fox's uncontrollable shaking caused by Parkinson's disease sparked debate this week, resulting in a rise in support for the stem cell research he supports.

October 26, 2006The Michael J. Fox Effect — In light of actor Michael J. Fox's recent television commercial appearances supporting Democratic political candidates who support stem cell research, Political Wire cited a study from HCD Research and Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion that states "voters' support increased after they viewed an ad featuring Michael J. Fox in which he expresses his support for candidates who are in favor of stem cell research."

October 26, 2006Actor Fox sparks debate, support for stem cells — WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Actor Michael J. Fox on Thursday defended political ads he filmed for candidates who support stem cell research ahead of tight congressional elections, saying he did not want to be pitied because he suffers from Parkinson's disease.

October 3, 2006Ritalin requests often deemed inappropriate — Interview with Glenn Kessler on WELW...

September 14, 2006Ritalin requests often deemed inappropriate — Results of a survey of physicians suggest that parents often request a "behavioral drug," such as Ritalin, with the goal of enhancing their child's academic performance rather than treating an illness.

July 21, 2006Physicians Strongly In Favor of Embryonic Stem Cell Research — Glenn Kessler interview with Ed Schultz concerning stem cell research survey among physicians...

December 26, 2005The Miracle Show — Guest Host Hilly Rose (email) presented Twas the Night After Christmas-The Miracle Show. In the 1st hour Glenn Kessler of HCD Research discussed a survey of physicians that his organization conducted that showed a 74% belief in miracles.

October 17, 2005Poll finds support for assisted dying — Americans show widespread support for allowing physicians to prescribe drugs to help people die, a new national poll of citizens and doctors suggests.

August 10, 2005Religion can trump medical advice, docs say — Something's happening in the power relationship between physicians and patients, according to Dr. Arthur J. Kover, a management fellow at Yale University's School of Management and a consultant with HCD Research, the New Jersey-based market research company that conducted the poll.

July 6, 2005Most Doctors Back 'Morning After' Pill — The New Jersey-based marketing and communications research company HCD Research surveyed a nationally representative sample of 824 physicians, and found that 65 percent believe that pharmacists should have the authority to dispense emergency contraception.

July 6, 2005Most Doctors Back 'Morning After' Pill — The American Pharmacists Association's policy states that druggists can refuse to fill prescriptions if they have religious objections, HCD's Glenn R. Kessler told Reuters Health.

June 25, 2005Central Jersey briefcase: Lisa Noble joins HCD Research — HCD Research has announced that Lisa Noble has joined the company as director of marketing research services.

June 23, 2005Physicians Believe Drugs Targeted for Ethnic and Racial Groups May Provide Therapeutic Advantages — A new national study of physicians indicates that an overwhelming majority of doctors (85%) believe that drugs targeted toward specific ethnic and racial groups may have therapeutic advantages.

May 25, 2005Bush renews threat to veto stem cell bill — A poll released by HCD Research and the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion showed that 74 pct of 1,622 American doctors surveyed between April 21-23 were morally in favor of embryonic stem cell research.

May 16, 2005Americans Say Pharmacists Should be Required to Fill ''Morning After Pill'' Prescriptions; Views Similar Among All Religions — The study was conducted by the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Social and Religious Research at The Jewish Theological Seminary and HCD Research in Flemington, New Jersey, from May 10-11, in response to recent reports of pharmacists who refused to fill prescriptions of the morning after pill for religious reasons.

May 7, 2005Poll shows physicians, church clash — The survey was conducted April 21-23 by HCD Research of Flemington, N.J., and the Allentown, Pa.-based Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion. It also found that overwhelming numbers of Catholic doctors -- 90 percent -- agreed with their colleagues that condoms should be distributed in the Third World to help stem the spread of HIV and AIDS.

May 5, 2005Moral View of Catholic Doctors Measured — Popular perception is that Catholic doctors are morally opposed to certain medical-ethical issues. In reality, however, a majority of Catholic physicians support the use of birth control pills, homosexuality and the distribution of condoms, according to a new study.

April 27, 2005Stem-cell research upsets Catholic doctors — Catholic doctors in the United States are morally more disturbed by embryonic-stem-cell research than by other practices opposed by their Church, such as homosexuality and birth control.

April 26, 2005Doctors Differ From Other Physicians on Stem Cell Research — For most of these controversial issues, physicians were in general agreement, Glenn Kessler, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of HCD Research said of the survey. "

March 28, 2005More backing for broad, routine HIV testing — Survey data released last month by HCD research, a market research firm in Flemington, N.J., suggested that 64% of physicians thought mandatory, federally funded HIV testing would improve the overall health of the population.

March 26, 2005Poll: No time for politics — Physicians believe that, in general, it is ethical to remove feeding tubes in patients for whom it is their only means of life support, said Glenn Kessler, managing partner of the polling company HCD Research.

March 24, 2005"Medically ethical" to remove Terri Schiavo's feeding tube — More than three-quarters of doctors feel it is "medically ethical" to remove Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, according to a survey of 851 physicians conducted this week by the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies and HCD Research.

March 20, 2005Doctors Overwhelmingly Support Ethics of Removing Feeding Tube — Physicians believe that, in general, it is ethical to remove feeding tubes in patients for whom it is their only means of life support, commented Glenn Kessler, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of HCD.

March 14, 2005To Americans acting as Good Samaritans — Now, a new national survey shows that compassionate behavior is uniformly strong across all political and religious groups. The Louis Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies and HCD Research conducted the poll of doctors and the general public.

March 6, 2005Most Doctors Back Assisted Suicide — Of the 1,000 doctors in the study, conducted by the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Social and Religious Research and HCD Research, 57 percent said they believe it is ethical to assist a person who has made a rational choice to die because of unbearable suffering.

March 4, 2005Assisting with Suicide — According to Glenn Kessler, cofounder of HCD Research, physicians tend to share beliefs regarding some ethically bound medical debates such as whether or not to conduct stem cell research, whereas physician-assisted suicide has invited a variety of opinions.

February 18, 2005Doctors, public support HIV test — Physicians are a distinct group who share similar education, income and status in society, and it is interesting that their views reflect those of the general public on serious and evolving health care issues such as this one, said Glenn Kessler, co-founder of HCD Research, which conducted the poll.

February 17, 2005Research firm is polling for dollars — Kessler said he believes there is a correlation between HCD's rising business and establishment of the company's name through polls and ad evaluations.

February 17, 2005Bush Budget Soothes Deficit Critics — In HCD Research survey after the State of the Union, liberals often described their feelings as "disgusted" or "enraged," while conservatives said "proud" and "enlightened."

February 5, 2005National Poll Reveals State of the Union Address Elicits Wide Range of Emotion among Americans — The national e-survey was conducted by HCD Research on February 3, among a nationally representative sample of 1,041 Americans, nearly half of which reported watching the speech on television.

January 31, 2005Will a future pope relax the rules for sainthood? — But in most other cultures, doctors are not so agnostic about inexplicable healings. In a recent survey of 1,100 office-based physicians in the United States, conducted for the Jewish Theological Seminary, 55 percent said that they had witnessed "medical miracles" in their work.

October 17, 2004STEM CELL RESEARCH — Nearly four out of five doctors support Sen. John Kerry's views on stem cell research. But that doesn't mean they're voting for him. That's the conclusion of a recent poll of physicians conducted by Muhlenberg College's Institute of Public Opinion and the firm HCD Research. While 79 percent agreed with Kerry's call to scrap funding restrictions on the research, just 43 percent said they plan to vote for him, the poll found.

October 14, 2004Registering Voters: Add One, Take Away Two — Of the doctors surveyed, 49 percent said they're backing President Bush, who has emphasized the ethical quandaries raised by the research. Why? Three words: ''Medical malpractice reform.''

September 10, 2004Targeting leaves Illinois in the dark — How sad that we're asking that question, because the ads are either feel-good or feel-bad. In either sense, they're probably a disservice, says Glenn Kessler, managing partner of HCD Research in New Jersey, a Web-based advertising research and marketing company. In his firm's regular testing of the current political ads, "any ones that show depth are likely to score poorly, but those that show emotion score highly. So the winners are the [viewers] in the 33 non-battleground states."

September 10, 2004Campaign Calculations Mean Illinois Voters Will Miss Barrage of Political Ads — How sad that we're asking that question, because the ads are either feel-good or feel-bad. In either sense, they're probably a disservice, says Glenn Kessler, managing partner of HCD Research in New Jersey, a Web-based advertising research and marketing company.

August 23, 2004Special Report with Brit Hume — Brit Hume, Fox, Interviews Glenn Kessler, managing partner of HCD Research, about the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" Commercials.

August 23, 2004DEM ADS MISSING THE MARK, STUDY SAYS — Kerry's first defense ad features a testimonial from Jim Rassman, the soldier rescued by Kerry when he fell overboard -- but it had no impact among independent voters who say they lean pro-Kerry, the study by HCD Research and Muhlenberg College Institute of Politics found.

August 23, 2004Peter Principles: Kerry's sinking swift — The Swift Boats ads may have scored a significant hit among independents, according to data recently published by HCD Research, and not in the way Kerry would have preferred.

August 20, 2004Fox and Friends — Fox and Friends Interview Glenn Kessler and Dr. Arthur Kover from HCD Research about the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" Commercials.

August 20, 2004Kerry fights back over ads criticizing his Navy service — Beyond his anger was the issue of whether the ad is working. A poll of undecided voters showed that 27 percent of those who were leaning toward Kerry had second thoughts after viewing the ad. "It was negative, but it was effective," said Glenn Kessler, managing partner of HCD Research, which conducted the survey. "People had negative emotions over it. It eroded Kerry's support, but didn't effect Bush."

August 18, 2004ANTI-KERRY AD A HIT — Obviously, the Swift Boat Veterans' intent was to publicly question Kerry's war record, and it looks like they succeeded, said HCD chief Glenn Kessler, who added that viewers found the 60-second ad more believable as it went on. Kessler, who wasn't paid by anyone for the analysis, said he leans Democratic.

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