Press Releases

Jul 13, 15  
HCD Research and Sensanalysis
Apr 20, 15  
Utilizing Neuroscience for Video Game Research
Mar 31, 15  
Webinar: Join us on 4/9, 1:00 pm EST as HCD’s Dr. Michelle Niedziela participates on Nonconscious Measurement panel discussion
Jan 20, 15  
New Division at HCD Research uses Applied Consumer Neuroscience to focus on Customer Experience within Financial Services and Insurance Industries
May 27, 14  
HCD Research and PlayCollective Partner on Cutting Edge Research For Kids and Family Consumer Products
Mar 6, 14  
HCD Research Introduces Cognitive and Neuromarketing Metrics
Jul 8, 13  
Integrating Biometrics and Choice Models: Dr. Steven Struhl, PhD, MBA, MA joins HCD Research as a Consulting Advisor
Feb 21, 13  
Concept Testing Tool Integrates Traditional and Biometric Measures for Real-Time Insight into Consumers’ Perceptions and Engagement
Jan 11, 13  
Seasoned Consumer Research Professional Joins HCD Research to Lead Communication Sciences Research
Sep 18, 12  
National Media Study Reveals Need to Optimize Online News Content in Response to Consumers’ Motivational Tendencies
Apr 10, 12  
HCD Research, Missouri School of Journalism Partner to Offer Advanced Communication Science Services
Feb 7, 12  
Study Reveals Facebook and Twitter Users are Less Favorable of Romney after Trump's Endorsement
Dec 12, 11  
National Study will Determine Motives that Drive Consumers’ Media Preferences and Behaviors
Nov 29, 11  
National Study will Determine Motives that Drive Consumers' Media Preferences and Behaviors
Sep 21, 11  
All Parties Not in Favor of Mandated HPV Vaccinations After Viewing Bachmann's Remarks
Sep 12, 11  
Republicans Less Favorable of Rick Perry after Viewing Attack Ad by Ron Paul
Aug 31, 11  
Americans Believe Casey Anthony Trial Received Excessive Media Coverage
Aug 1, 11  
Americans Happy about Changes in Caloric Content for Children's Meals at McDonalds
Jul 11, 11  
Video of Casey Anthony's Attorney Elicits Feelings of Anger and Skepticism Among Americans
Jun 8, 11  
Weiner Sandwiched Between David Letterman and Chris Brown on Sincerity Scale
Jun 6, 11  
All Parties Express Increased Belief that Anthony Weiner was not Responsible for Sending Photo after Viewing CBS Interview
May 18, 11  
Americans Indicate Osama Bin Laden Death and Ashton Kutcher are Receiving Appropriate Coverage
Apr 27, 11  
All Parties Slightly More Convinced Obama was Born in U.S. after Viewing Video
Apr 18, 11  
Americans Say that Recent Media Events are Covered Appropriately
Apr 7, 11  
Boehner's Speech has no Effect on Americans' Perceptions of Budget Impasse
Mar 23, 11  
Americans Say Conflicts in Middle East and Earthquakes in Japan are Receiving Appropriate Media Coverage
Mar 2, 11  
Americans Say Sheen Lost His Luster after Viewing Good Morning America Interview
Jan 19, 11  
Americans Say Tucson Shootings, Australian Floods and Tunisian Revolt are Receiving Appropriate Media Coverage
Jan 14, 11  
Americans View Sarah Palin as more Sincere and Believable after Watching Speech
Jan 13, 11  
Americans Say Religious Ceremonies and TV Ads Don't Mix After Viewing Ad for Super Bowl Contest
Jan 10, 11  
Americans Support Michael Vick's Comeback after Viewing Tucker Carlson's Comments
Dec 17, 10  
Americans Say Jackson's Death and Woods' Affairs Received Excessive Media Coverage
Dec 14, 10  
National Study: Majority of Physicians Still Believe Miracles Can Occur Today
Dec 7, 10  
Americans Believe Nativity Scene is More Appropriate than Menorah in Public Places
Dec 3, 10  
Americans Say WikiLeaks Founder Should be Prosecuted to Full Extent of the Law
Dec 1, 10  
Americans View Christmas Decorations in a More Positive Light than in Previous Years
Nov 15, 10  
Majority of All Parties Say Kanye West's Apology to George W. Bush was not Sincere
Nov 8, 10  
Republicans Increase Support for Palin as Presidential Candidate after Viewing New Ad
Oct 25, 10  
Chile miner rescue media coverage deemed "appropriate" by a majority of Americans
Oct 22, 10  
All Parties Decrease Favorability for Both Candidates after Viewing New Sestak Ad
Oct 20, 10  
All Parties Increase Favorability for Pat Toomey after Viewing His New Attack Ad
Oct 6, 10  
Americans' Perceptions of Woman Wearing Shawl Decline Compared to Previous Study
Oct 5, 10  
Americans Perceive Differences in Education and Wealth between Woman Wearing Hijab and Woman without Headwear
Sep 28, 10  
Americans Perceive Bishop Eddie Long as More Sincere After Viewing Speech
Sep 14, 10  
All Parties Increase Support for Dan Onorato after Viewing New Ad
Sep 13, 10  
Independents Increase Support for Toomey after Viewing New Ad
Aug 31, 10  
All Political Parties React Favorably to Islamic PSA Announcement
Aug 24, 10  
Republicans Most Skeptical of Obama's Christianity after Viewing Graham's Comments
Aug 20, 10  
Clemens Loses Support of Baseball Fans and Non-Baseball Fans Alike
Aug 18, 10  
Majority of All Parties Not in Favor of Mosque Near Ground Zero After Viewing President Obama's Speech

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