Building An Applied Consumer Neuroscience Laboratory At Your Corporate Facility

As applications for measuring the subconscious increase, it may be cost effective to conduct applied consumer neuroscience research internally.  Your research can be optimized by using an array of research tools and methods, which HCD can help you design, plan and manage when you construct your own laboratory to satisfy the needs of your specific challenges.

Uncovering the subconscious response to consumers’ exposure to products, concepts and communications requires technologies that meet the specific requirements of the research.  No single configuration of data collection modes or research methods satisfies every research challenge.

With years of experience conducting studies utilizing integrated traditional research and psychophysiology as part of comprehensive marketing research efforts, our company has a strong background in designing, developing and implementing  consumer experience research using applied neuroscience combined with traditional research.  Areas of expertise include:

  • CPG Products
  • Broadcast/Print/Web
  • Packaging
  • UI/UX

Contact us for more information regarding potential opportunities to  establish an applied consumer neuroscience laboratory on site at your company.

Allison Gutkowski