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Designing Engaging Ads and Websites Through Communication Science

HCD Research and the Missouri School of Journalism are partnering to conduct research studies using a communication science approach that combines biometric measures and eye-tracking technology to provide deeper insights into consumer preferences for online media and brand messaging.

Providing Real-Time View into Consumers' Perceptions and Engagement

The partnership represents an ideal academic/industry collaboration that will significantly advance basic knowledge of media effects and provide clients with deeper insights into effective communication approaches.

The approach is grounded in a holistic, science-based methodology that is currently missing in virtually all neuromarketing models. By combining scientific knowledge of how the brain processes media with expertise in applying biometric, survey and behavioral data, the organizations will help clients solve complex communication challenges.

The collaboration is directed by Paul Bolls, Ph.D., scientific advisor for HCD Research, and associate professor of strategic communication in the Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri. Dr. Bolls is also co-director of the PRIME (Psychological Research on Information and Media Effects) Lab at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Using the technology, clients can create more brain-friendly ads and websites through qualitative and quantitative analytical approaches that focus on assessing and measuring the relevant aspects of consumer experience with brand messaging:

  • Mobile Eye Tracking - optimal placement of graphic elements
  • Self-report surveys and focus groups/interviews
  • Biometric measures of emotional and cognitive responses
  • Behavioral response/intention

The partnership uniquely enables HCD Research to offer clients cost effective research plans and message development consulting services using the extensive academic expertise of researchers like Dr. Bolls at the Missouri School of Journalism PRIME Lab, who are leading scholars in the areas of media psychology and research methods.

We can assist your organization in developing and testing messages across communication platforms with a specific focus on digital/online campaigns and websites.

Contact us if you are interested in designing online advertising campaigns or news media sites that are significantly more effective in communicating messages to your target audiences.