Tiger Woods and Dad in New Nike Ad…Doesn’t Help Nike or Tiger

The latest Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods with his Dads voice over falls flat with viewers. Sure, there is lots of interest in anything Tiger but did this ad advance either Nikes or Woodss cause? The numbers say no.

This morning I heard Donny Deutsh gush about the ads brilliance on The Today Show. But as many “experts” usually do, he posited his preferences for risky ads on the consuming public. The bottom line is that the numbers in HCDs advertising test posted on Mediacurves on April 8 suggest that the ad didnt help either brand…Woods or Nike.

Linking a consumer brand to an ad chastising Woods, the face of the brand, is risky. If Nike sold responsibility that would be more acceptable but I dont believe that responsibility and footwear necessarily are connected in the mind of the consumer. The most frequently mentioned emotion by viewers of this ad was “confusion”. Not a surprise when trying to link this ad to sneakers.