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DOES YOUR product
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Prove IT.

The HCD Research® Company is a market research firm that specializes in the integration of traditional, psychological, behavioral, & neuroscientific tools to better understand consumers. We employ innovative research tools, comprehensive data collection techniques, & well-honed interpretive skills to meet our clients' market research objectives.

From product development to commercialization, HCD plays a unique transfunctional role in optimizing products and communications across industries.

The HCD Research® Company has years of market research experience in many industries and can design, execute and analyze research studies globally. With our methodologies based in science, we seek to maintain the highest scientific and professional standards to provide authentic consumer experience insights at home, online, in the lab, on the shelf, and in the everyday consumer experience as a whole. We are methodologically agnostic and focus on integrating both conscious and non-conscious measures to best answer the research question.

A group of people working at a table.

Traditional Research Methods  

The use of classic

qualitative & quantitative 

research tools.

Popular Tools & Methodologies: 

Qualitative, Quantitative,

Focus Groups, Drivers Analysis,

Mapping, Brand Tracking

Someone discussing a topic with multiple people.

Psychological Research Methods

The use of established & validated psychological behavioral assessments/methodologies.

Popular Tools & Methodologies: 

Implicit Response, Psychological Assessment, Cognition, Emotional Battery,

Behavioral Coding

A skul showing veins and the brain.

  Neuroscientific Research Methods  

The use of modern neuroscience &

neuro tools such

as psychophysiological methods.

Popular Tools & Methodologies: 

Heart Rate, Skin Conductance,

Facial EMG, Facial Coding,

EEG, Eye Tracking

Creating the HCD Difference

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