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More About Our Tools

Neuroscientific approaches have become increasingly important in understanding how consumers respond emotionally and physically to product and brand experiences. Our brains may be the best window into understanding drivers of consumer behavior. At HCD Research®, we have successfully been using neuroscientific and psycho-physiological measures for over 15 years.

Methodologies from the neuroscientific field are being used more and more often in consumer and marketing research for predicting product and communication success. Our neuro-labs are portable, meaning we can be anywhere you need us to be.

Our focus on the research design ensures we use the right tool for the right research question. Each neuroscientific tool we use helps us to uncover a specific piece of the overall complex phenomenon being tested. The tools we use, and our research designs, are grounded in scientific validation to maximize valuable consumer insight.

  • Eye Tracking & Pupil Dilation

  • Facial Coding

  • Psycho-Physiological Measures (galvanic skin response, heart rate & heart rate variability, facial electromyography, skin temperature, etc.)

  • Neurological Measures (EEG)

We deliver holistic and integrated analysis of neuro-assessments with psychological and traditional marketing methodologies to create a comprehensive understanding of the consumer experience, leading to actionable results and confident business decisions.


For more information on our work check out our RESOURCES Page for whitepapers, infographics, and downloadables!

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