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Augmented Reality Market Research: Connect with consumers in the durable goods and CPG markets

Augmented reality (AR) involves the inclusion of virtual elements into a live view of a current, real-world space, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

HCD introduces AR Surveys, a novel market research methodology allowing consumers to respond to digital survey questions while viewing a product or consumer experience through their device’s camera. This use of AR Surveys merges a physical product with a digital landscape to better understand consumer perceptions. It is easy to implement, provides an opportunity for creative insights, and uncovers in-the-moment reactions. It creates a fun and easy opportunity for consumers to evaluate products and experiences in store or at home with their own smartphone or tablet.

AR Surveys can be done virtually anywhere, serving as a non-disruptive shop-along to an easy in-home use test. Rather than communicate with an interviewer, participants can give honest opinions about all types of products without concerns for feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. Similarly, this approach is beneficial for research on more intimate products and gives participants time to think without being rushed. The AR Surveys also gives space for participants to come to their own in-the-moment feedback. This type of survey collects data in real-time or at point-of-purchase, helping participants give top-of-mind answers without any judgment.

From computers to smartphones, screens are embedded in our society and will continue to be one of the lenses in which consumers engage. Using a familiar tool to assess consumer perceptions fosters understanding and truthfulness in the modern world. AR Surveys push the boundaries between naturalistic and controlled research, exposing drivers of decision making by modernizing conventional consumer research with a cost-effective approach.

Meeting consumers in-the-moment with the right tools empowers any research to move forward efficiently by driving meaningful, future innovation. HCD specializes in Consumer Neuroscience and Brand Harmony in addition to Market & Consumer Research. We strive to promote quality research by using the right tools for the right question to ensure that products meet their promise.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use AR Surveys to progress your research, please contact Allison Gutkowski at



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