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Meet our new market research analyst - Brenda!

Brenda graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso where she majored in Mathematics and minored in Psychology. During her time in college, she learned about how different data analysis techniques are used and how they can come together to help us understand complex topics. While in school, Brenda became interested in studying human behavior and decision-making. This led her to seek out a position in marketing analytics where she could apply her academic background, gain more research experience, and explore a broad range of exciting projects.

At HCD Research, the ideal blend of analytics and psychology allows Brenda to develop her data analysis skills and learn more about neuroscience, marketing, and consumer behavior. She is excited to be part of a team of knowledgeable analysts that are passionate about delivering high quality research to every client.

Fun facts about Brenda:

Outside of work, Brenda’s favorite activities include hiking, playing boardgames, or simply spending time with friends and family!

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