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New Focus for HCD Research: Cannabis and the Future of Health and Wellness Research

Flemington, NJ– The health and wellness product space, which includes health and well-being related consumer products such as nutritional supplements, cannabinoids (CBD), and other plant-based phytocompounds and natural actives, is booming. In particular, interest in CBD is outpacing many other wellness trends, and HCD Research has formed a new group to focus on health and wellness consumer research segment.

Understanding major trends along with consumer needs and perceptions in the CBD market –which is happening in many different industries and appealing to many different audiences– requires a robust methodology in order to understand and plan products and make informed business decisions. But most importantly, a knowledgeable research partner is key to navigating the complicated and often confusing issues surrounding consumer research in this space, particularly in the face of scant regulation.

Amid this Wild West situation, HCD Research has formed a new technical group focusing on assisting clients with cannabis and related wellness product research. Focused on the application of behavioral neuroscience research methods to understand consumer preferences with a focus on the study of the effects and efficaciousness of active ingredients, Glenn Kessler, President of HCD Research commented “with the cannabinoid market growing in the US and Canada, as well as the EU and Asian countries, the need for product evaluation has grown as the market becomes more competitive.” The group, led by Dr. Martha Bajec (expert in consumables and active ingredients) and Dr. Michelle Niedziela (consumer neuroscience expert), will assist clients in product development and optimization, innovation, claims development, and consumer experience.

In this new environment, any brand with the interest in developing CBD products should pay close attention. As this versatile substance moves further into the mainstream, there will be plenty of lucrative opportunities to jump on the bandwagon. In a fast-growing, unregulated market that keeps getting inconsistent and confusing, HCD’s effort in creating this focused division will help clients plan wisely.

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