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Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our Creative Marketing Manager, Helen Ross!

Helen graduated from Lycoming College in May of 2019, majoring in Commercial Design and minoring in Business Administration. At Lycoming, she was the senior captain of the women's soccer team, executive member of the local sorority Beta Phi Gamma, member of Rho Lambda (Greek Life) and Kappa Pi (Art) honor societies, employee of three on-campus jobs, and two internships at the Crosscutters Minor League Baseball Stadium and the Warrior Coffee Program.

Helen’s career includes a range of different occupations that highlight her multifaceted skillsets. When you combine Helen's hands-on experience with her passion for art and company branding, the role at HCD Research was the perfect position. Even though she has only been with us a short while, Helen hit the ground running- already revitalizing our company’s website (which you can explore here) and making a cohesive collection of our great marketing efforts.

Helen is well-rounded with experience in both creative and analytics. She is an expert at outlining different marketing objectives for numerous brands, with skills in social media, video, email, podcast, webinar, website development, branding, and analytics. Additionally, her determination to succeed stems from her leadership, teamwork abilities, and her thirst for knowledge and communication in order to reach company goals.

HCD Research continues to evolve and expand, bringing on creative, hardworking individuals to help shape the future of applied consumer neuroscience and market research. Helen fits right in with the HCD Research crew and we couldn’t be happier she has joined us!

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