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Sensory Satisfaction: Is Liking Enough?

We are pleased to bring your attention to an article co-written by Dr. Michelle Niedziela, Scientific Director of HCD Research in Perfumer and Flavorist: Sensory Satisfaction:  Is Liking Enough<>?

We all know that a product success hinges on far more than liking alone.  Consumers experience products through their senses and have expectations based on these experiences along with expectations from branding and marketing mix.  Making sure that products meet their promise can ensure that consumer enjoy and repurchase products.

So how do we measure this experience and ensure we have a product and brand that work together in harmony? We go beyond liking by combining emotional, sensorial and verbal  responses that consumers cannot articulate to better understand the consumer experience.

We are happy to announce a joint product of HCD with Q Research Solutions, qBio(tm). Layering traditional product testing with a neuro-physiological approach allows us to understand both what consumers say and feel.  This helps developers ensure that their product delivers against the positioning.

Our work was recently published in Perfumer & Flavorist, February 2017.  We have provided a link for your reference Sensory Satisfaction:  Is Liking Enough<>

We hope you find the enclosed research of value and would love to assist your specific product development challenges.


Glenn Kessler President  HCD Research



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