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  • Allison Gutkowski & Marcella Markman

SIMPLICIT - Combining Emotional Scaling with Timed Reaction Tests

SIMPLICIT … combining emotional scaling with timed reaction tests to show how perceptions and affective responses predict consumer decisions.

SIMPLICIT was born by marrying our SAM and implicit methods, recognizing the simplicity yet elegance of merging two methodologies for a more complete evaluation of a consumer experience. As researchers, we often look to package our tools together for a more rich, robust outcome. Capturing the appropriate batteries of questions for your participant is critical, but how can we appropriately complement specific tools to uncover a niche finding or a unique perspective? You can’t just force two means to be together. Consider how many arranged/forced marriages truly last (via a quick google search, roughly 6%, yikes)? This can fall very true on pairing methods if they truly don’t complement or enhance one another.

Implicit testing detects the strength of automatic associations (IAT Whitepaper) between words and stimuli, via a timed reaction test, and can help reveal perceptions of brands, concepts, and product experiences. The Self-Assessment Manikin (SAM) (Simplicit Whitepaper) identifies the intensity of the different underlying dimensions of pleasure, arousal and dominance measured in a non-verbal, pictorial assessment. The three dimensions map out a participant’s response to a product without concerns regarding language barrier.

Combining these two methods allows us to leverage both marketing language as well as the non-verbal affective response, giving us an easy-to-implement, multi-dimensional understanding of the consumer’s emotional experience. This methodology can be used on a wide range of stimuli to help differentiate and improve brand health- including ensuring our favorite, brand harmony (Brand Harmony Whitepaper). It can also uncover innovation and communication opportunities through identifying white space mood spaces which may be important to the overall consumer and brand experience.

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