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Social Media Research: A Powerful Supplement to Traditional Marketing Research

Social networking tools are becoming a popular method for obtaining information in situations which previously relied on traditional marketing research. While social media research will not replace primary marketing research, it is an excellent supplement to existing marketing research strategies.

Some industry experts have predicted that survey research will decline and be replaced by a greater reliance on trends that are identified through monitoring social media networks. Traditional survey research will certainly not vanish. However, it can be enhanced by monitoring and analyzing the volume and content of on-line conversations. The data can provide directional information regarding trends among a target market.

Brand teams can employ social media research to obtain more robust information to understand the likes, dislikes, emotions and behaviors that are directly related to a brand in a qualitative fashion to complement their quantitative research. The results can be used to leverage and enhance existing promotional strategies or develop new strategies in an effort to more effectively engage their target audience.

In line with this, we use our social media research tools to obtain valuable insights into what consumers are saying about various brands and services. Our tools enable us to drill down into on-line platforms that are hosting conversations about diseases, conditions and products to obtain summary data on the buzz or chatter within these forums.

Our suite of social media monitoring services also allow companies to identify changes in consumer attitudes and behavior, which may be the direct result of promotional activities, competitive actions or other environmental factors within their industry.



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