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Utilizing Neuroscience for Video Game Research

HCD Research, a US based market research company,has opened a video game market research division, which will combine neuroscience tools with traditional research methods to provide a view of both respondents’ subconscious and cognitive response to video game concepts.

The new division will be led by Josh Drescher, a veteran producer, designer and creative director with more than a decade of game development experience across PC, Mac, console and mobile platforms. In addition to creative, design and production roles, he has worked closely with marketing departments and has acted as one of the main voices and public representatives for various studio franchises and products including Warhammer Online, Dark Age of Camelot and Second Chance Heroes. His specialties include project management, product positioning, creative direction, competitive multiplayer design, live product/SaaS maintenance, media relations and community engagement.

He has been a speaker at a number of worldwide conferences including E3, PAX, SDCC, Gamescom, Igromir and numerous additional trade and industry shows across North America, Europe and Asia. He has been a lecturer and adviser for the Game Design departments of George Mason University and the University of Alabama Huntsville.

Josh will be located in Austin, TX. Visit HCD’s insights blog at: and follow us on twitter @HCDResearchInc. For information contact



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