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  • HCD's Key Takeaways from the MSI 2024 Analytics Conference: Future-Proofing Marketing in a Privacy-First World

    HCD recently attended the MSI 2024 Analytics Conference in Washington, D.C. which focused on future proofing your marketing analytics for more insightful actions and making better strategic decisions. Many of the speakers at the event talked about topics related to the changes our world is making to be more privacy forward, as well as other speakers who focused on the importance of driving your analytical plans with thoughtful decisions before diving deep into research. Visit this link (MSI 2024 Analytics Conference: Future Proof Marketing Analytics in a Privacy-First World – MSI – Marketing Science Institute) to view the MSI conference event page which has an overview of what the event was, the list of presentation topics, and a bio of each speaker! Our Team’s Key Takeaways from the MSI Conference were … It is fundamental to have clear and concise goals and objectives at the very start before embarking on a research project. Finding your data with a purpose. Ambiguous questions lead to miscommunication and poor research decisions, making it more difficult to uncover actionable results. There is a benefit to having “snackable” outputs that inform your business decisions; not every actionable result has to be monumental in size, but rather in impact (i.e., uncovering smaller insights that help people in their day-to-day). Always be sure to tell a compelling story with the insights that are uncovered, and once the story is finished, celebrate the findings with the rest of the team (i.e., whether that is through immersion days or bottles of champagne). The first speaker of the conference, Stefano Puntoni (Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing, University of Pennsylvania), stressed the importance of finding your data with a purpose. Ambiguous questions can lead to miscommunication and poor decisions. Making sure you consider this prior to kicking off research is very important. Being more targeted and concise with your research questions & objectives has the potential to drive more targeted and effective insights for you and your team. With this, it is also important to be more deliberate about the metrics you use and how to concisely summarize the data once you have it. Mary Beth Jowers and Inna Kuvich from Pernod Ricard hit on other important aspects to analytics. A point they made, that the HCD team took note of, was how “snackable” outputs are just as important as substantial ones. Not every insight that we find in research will be a monumental change, but rather it could be smaller changes that amount to impactful day-to-day transformations. They also stressed the importance of storytelling! Telling a compelling story with your data that is clear and concise is just as significant as collecting the ‘right’ data. Then when the project is all said and done, make sure to celebrate the findings with the team – whether it is “cheers”ing with champagne, or immersion days. Then you move forward by regrouping, refreshing, and revamping for new insights! Overall, the MSI conference was a success for some informative and reaffirming insights for our HCD team!

  • Leveraging Research Foresight: Shaping Consumer-Centric Strategies for Market Success

    In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving market, understanding consumer preferences and behaviors is paramount for the success of any product launch or campaign. It’s said that roughly 80% of new market introductions fail. At HCD, we've embraced a dynamic approach that seamlessly integrates consumer research insights with strategic foresight frameworks, culminating in agile action plans that anticipate trends, mitigate risks, and foster adaptability. Our collaborative workshop hinges on the convergence of two critical pillars: Research Insight and Strategic Foresight. Here’s how this synergy propels us towards informed decision-making and market success: Research Insight: Unveiling Consumer Drivers Central to our approach is the utilization of consumer research data as the cornerstone for strategic decision-making. By diving deep into consumer preferences and behaviors (using behavioral and psychological methods), we unearth valuable insights that serve as the bedrock for our strategic foresight endeavors. Through rigorous analysis and interpretation, we decode emerging trends and potential shifts in consumer perception, and ultimately behavior, empowering us to stay ahead of the curve. Strategic Foresight: Anticipating Market Dynamics Armed with behavioral consumer insights, we harness strategic foresight frameworks to envision multiple future scenarios. These frameworks serve as our compass, guiding us through the labyrinth of market uncertainties. By delineating potential risks and opportunities, we fortify our resilience and pave the way for agile responses to changing consumer needs. Workshops: Collaborative Innovation in Action Our approach transcends solitary analysis; it thrives on collaboration. In our workshops, stakeholders and representatives from all facets of product development and campaign strategy converge to infuse diverse perspectives. Through interactive sessions, we synthesize data trends, frame horizons, and co-create potential market performance scenarios. This collaborative endeavor crystallizes strategic choices and establishes external flags and internal triggers, fostering a unified vision for success. Continuous Iteration: Refining Responses in Real-Time Market dynamics are fluid, and so are our strategies. Our methodology embodies a culture of continuous iteration, where feedback loops fuel perpetual refinement. As the market encounters our new product introductions, we remain nimble, leveraging real-time insights to further finetune our approach. This iterative process not only enhances our understanding of consumer preferences but also strengthens alignment between brand and product teams, amplifying our chances for market success. Driving Forces of Success At the heart of our approach lies a deep-seated commitment to understanding the driving forces behind consumer preferences and behaviors. By bridging the gap between data-driven insights and strategic foresight, we catalyze synergy between brand and product teams. This alignment not only enhances stakeholder engagement but also propels us towards collective success in the dynamic marketplace. In conclusion, our integration of Research Insight and Strategic Foresight heralds a new era of consumer-centric innovation. By leveraging consumer research insights to inform strategic foresight, we chart a course towards market success characterized by adaptability, resilience, and stakeholder collaboration. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer behavior, our methodology serves as a beacon, illuminating the path to sustainable growth and brand resonance.

  • Unlocking Consumer Insights with Simplicit Journey Mapping

    For more information, please contact Rachel Czapla.

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  • HCD Conference Posters

    Conference Posters In partnership with Reckitt, this poster explores how insights from multiple data collection sources (implicit & explicit) is an effective way of creating a cohesive story with clear actionable insights regarding which attributes impact decision making (which to target & which to avoid). In addition, it discusses how implicit reaction time testing can be used as a technique to uncover strong associations to liking-independent variables for better differentiation. Connecting The Dots Between Implicit & Explicit Data Sources To Unlock Deeper Consumer Insight DOWNLOAD This poster highlights the combination of neuro-physiological (EEG and biometrics) and psychology tools (mood assessments) with a behavioral paradigm to better understand how sensory cues and perceptions can drive product efficacy in the wellness space. Feeling good: proving efficacy of fragrance (lavender, ylang ylang on well-being) DOWNLOAD This poster explores the complexities in measuring emotion, including difficulties ranging from misused tools to overreaching, unsupported claims and explores how conducting impactful emotion research requires planning, critical thinking, and consideration of context. Overcoming The Complexities Of Exploring Consumer Emotions & Avoiding “Junk Science”: The Importance Of Planning, Critical Thinking, And Context DOWNLOAD This poster explores how cannabis consumers (current users and non-users) knowledge, expectations and perceptions differ among formats and within the category, as well as the untapped potential and unmet needs. Perception Is Paramount: Leveraging Behavioral Science To Drive Innovation For The Cannabis Consumer DOWNLOAD This poster explores effectively using a behavioral approach to identify sensory-based drivers of consumer behavior to disrupt behavior with new innovations, creating actionable behavioral design. Putting the consumer first: a behavioral technical model for consumer decision-making and choice DOWNLOAD This poster reveals how a multi-dimensional approach and understanding of consumer perception and experience leads to deeper insights that inform how products are developed and positioned. Setting the mood: Using self-report and psychophysiological measures to explore emotions elicited by fragrances DOWNLOAD This poster breaks down two case studies that looked at consumer drivers when viewing cannabis products. Key takeaways reveal the need to better understand and address this growing market, through methods such as the consumer technical model. The cannabis consumer: Establishing a consumer technical model for consumer cannabis DOWNLOAD HCD's Michelle Niedziela joined the World Taste and Smell Day Association to help create a Perceived Value Study, which will uncover how much people value taste and smell. The survey will be discussed, in addition to other topics, on the World Taste and Smell Day on September 14, 2022. World Taste and Smell Day Association: Towards the public elevation of the chemical senses DOWNLOAD RESOURCES HOME ABOUT EDUCATION NEUROU OUR BLOG EVENTS CONTACT US More

  • WhitePapers

    RESOURCES White Papers AR Survey Tool Augmented Reality (AR) Surveys: A market research methodology which allows the participant to respond to digital survey questions on the screen while viewing the product through their device’s camera. DOWNLOAD Behavioral Coding Behavioral coding is a simple, noninvasive, observational research method used to quantify a participant’s actions within an environment or with a particular stimulus. DOWNLOAD Brand Harmony The concept of ensuring all components within a brand portfolio have a consistent name, visual identity and positioning among several geographic or product/service markets. In other words, is your product experience meeting the promise and expectation delivered by its sensory cues. DOWNLOAD Brand Tracking Brand Tracking: a strategy to systematically evaluate the performance of a brand or company by focusing on key metrics. DOWNLOAD Conjoint analysis Conjoint analysis is a quantitative marketing research method that uses consumer preferences to determine the value of features through trade-offs. DOWNLOAD Cross-Modal Association The tendency of consumers to perceive certain features or dimensions of one sensory input as a different sensory input. DOWNLOAD Electroencephalogram (EEG) The input that can be gathered from EEG has a lot of potential to give a direct and valid measure of global activity in the brain. DOWNLOAD Eye (Tracking) of the tiger Eye tracking is well-known as a method to determine an objective measure of visual attention. Modern eye tracking is not constrained to a lab, making it easily utilized in school, hospital, home, and business research settings. DOWNLOAD Facial Coding Facial Coding is a process used in research to collect and categorize emotional reactions via facial expressions. DOWNLOAD Habit Loops A tripart cyclical pattern consisting of cues, routines and rewards which strongly influences decision-making by minimizing the expenditure of cognitive effort. DOWNLOAD Implicit Association & Response Associations are a common part of life. Grouping people or concepts is how we train our brains to comprehend ideas or react to situations faster. Experiences are a large part of what shape our associations. DOWNLOAD Implicit Sensory Associations Implicit Sensory Associations and Sensory Marketing: The integration of tools from applied consumer neuroscience and sensory science to better approach understanding of the product experience. DOWNLOAD LOAD MORE Infographics

  • Eye (Tracking) of the tiger

    Eye (Tracking) of the tiger Eye tracking is well-known as a method to determine an objective measure of visual attention. Modern eye tracking is not constrained to a lab, making it easily utilized in school, hospital, home, and business research settings. Download White Paper Last Name Email SUBMIT Complete the form below to access the white paper. Thanks for submitting! First Name Company Position I agree to be contacted by an HCD Employee after completing the Whitepaper form. For more information please check out our Website Privacy Policy Page. Press the button to download the white paper. DOWNLOAD

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