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The HCD Research® Company is committed to providing transparent and well-designed research that is both based in good science and a committed assessment of the research question at hand. As we work with many different tools, it is important that we are basing our decisions and research design on industry-established methods that we seek to further explore and utilize to create better research. Education is always at the forefront of our company whether that means expanding our own knowledge, consulting with experts, or providing materials to our consumers so that we can all be better researchers.

Why is Education Important to HCD?


Webinars and panels are a great way to be a part of informal but knowledgeable conversations with industry leading experts, based on a range of topics. Now more than ever, technology allows us to reach a wide audience and even to connect with one another from all across the world via interactive video platforms.

Here you will find previous webinar YouTube Videos and links to register for upcoming ones!

MindSet Series

MindSet is a podcast and vidcast series

about different technologies,

methodologies, and tools used in

Applied Behavioral Neuroscience.

Our podcast is hosted by

Kathryn Ambroze and

Michelle Niedziela of HCD.

Here you will find our latest

YouTube uploads, Podcast uploads,

and links to all of our

streaming platforms!


At HCD, we have a large toolbox. Whether it is an established methodology or an innovative new technique, we make sure to use the right tool or combination of methods to best answer the research question. To make these methods easily understandable, we have created white papers and other visual representations on the matter.

Here you will find our whitepapers for you to download and our infographics for you to view.

Conference Posters

We often develop posters for the conferences we attend and speak at and want to share these case studies and methodologies beyond the conference attendees. These posters were created to highlight the approaches used to answer different research questions, across spaces like cannabis, fragrances, and innovative methodologies. 

Click below to download our posters and be sure to check back to keep up to date on the newest additions.


Neuro University is an annual symposium created to educate market research professionals on the science, tools, and techniques behind applied neuroscience methodologies. To read more about this event either visit our events page or click the button below.


35+ Custom HCD Resources

18 HCD Webinars

29 Guests on MindSet 

Our Educational Content

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