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NeuroU aims to educate researchers and industry professionals about innovative methods from neuroscience, psychology, behavioral science, and traditional market research to gather consumer insights. This event will arm attendees with both a base level of knowledge about these tools as well as examples of how to apply them.

What is Neuro University?

NeuroU is an educational symposium dedicated to helping individuals learn about neuroscientific, psychological, behavioral, and traditional market research tools used in consumer research. Professionals from academia and industry, spanning from brand development to product lines, are invited to join the conversation and gain a holistic perspective on consumer research. The event will cover not only the basics of applied behavioral neuroscience, but also real-world applications and in-depth explanations of methodologies utilized by researchers, experts, and end-clients.

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Topics & Sessions

Our 2022 event, held October 3rd and 4th, 2022, this year emphasized three areas of interest: Brand Harmony, the Metaverse, and Consumer Experience. These topics highlight the consumer experience, exploring questions like how does the consumer experience the brand? How do you reach them? How do you make them loyal customers and what is driving that? What tools are available to help us understand the consumer in today's world?


Our speakers come from all different areas of interest and expertise including academia, research, and industry. It is important to gain foundational knowledge as well as listen to the experts when investigating new methods. This is why a diverse group of speakers are chosen for NeuroU. We value these voices and want to bring knowledgeable, unique, and innovative perspectives and ideas to the forefront as the world of research continues to rapidly change.

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As both consumers and insights professionals, we understand that research and innovation are necessary for success. Exploring the vastly interconnected world we live in today is both exciting and difficult at times. NeuroU strives to provide accessible, interesting, and impactful information that can be widely applied. 

Why do we host NeuroU?

Education and awareness of neuro-myths

Neuro-myths and bad research outcomes often result due to lack of knowledge in this space. Although no one can become an expert overnight, gaining an awareness of both the uses and abuses of popular tools in applied consumer neuroscience is essential to success.


Growing your research network

Our speakers and the HCD team are always happy to connect and discuss specific questions or thoughts. By building a network of experts in this area, you will be better equipped to find the honest, evidenced-based information. 

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