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Getting in the Know: NeuroU 2021 Virtual Series

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Whether you are interested in applied consumer neuroscience, never heard of such a thing, or are an expert in the field, there is always something new to learn and explore. NeuroU was born out of the realization that both industry and academia share the same questions and curiosity about the science, tools, and techniques used (and often abused) in applied consumer neuroscience.

HCD Research hosts this annual symposium to initiate an interdisciplinary and open discussion on how applied consumer neuroscience is evolving, to learn about the innovations in the field, and to discuss ways to do better research, including the related fields of traditional market research, behavioral sciences, sensory & consumer science, and communications research. As researchers, we are very aware that the learning is a continuous process.

NeuroU 2021 offered access to all of HCD Research’s content, from last year’s NeuroU introductory sessions as well as a vast collection of content, from white papers on Applied Neuroscience methods to webinars and vidcasts focusing on special topics, demos and infographics to help attendees learn a little more about everything applied neuroscience, and interactive and networking opportunities.

In the spirit of our ultimate goals of sharing knowledge and education, we wanted to put all of this content in one place for anyone seeking more information on applied neuroscience, this event, or HCD Research.

Let’s start with doing a little “blast from the past” to NeuroU 2020. Below are the links to each day’s recordings:

  • NeuroU Day 1 (best day for beginners – check out our intro to applied neuroscience and methods sessions for a more general overview of the area)

  • NeuroU Day 2 (diving deep into technologies with leaders in the field)

  • NeuroU Day 3 (exploring sensory and consumer product applications)

  • NeuroU Day 4 (discussing marketing and communications applications)

  • NeuroU Day 5 (guest lectures on consumer research)

  • NeuroU Day 6 (guest lectures on problem solving and review of educational tools and tracks)

In addition to the session recordings above, which range from general overviews to more in-depth case studies, we have tons of educational content that anyone can view for free. Take a look at the links listed below and be sure to visit our YouTube page and other social media to keep up to date on everything we put out there!

  • HCD Research White Papers: Learn about complex issues in a simplified format with HCD Research’s White Papers. These short reports act as guides to help better understand intricate concepts or measurements quickly (with useful academic and scientific references for future learning).

  • HCD Research Tech Demos: Watch hands-on, simplified demos of some of our neuro and psychological tools here!

  • The HCD Research Mindset Vidcasts: Check out HCD Research’s Mindset Vidcasts, where Michelle Niedziela, PhD, VP of Research & Innovation, & Kathryn Ambroze, Manager of Behavioral & Marketing Sciences, chat with industry leaders, internal experts, and each other about big topics in human behavior. These sessions deep dive into the limitations and pitfalls of emerging trends and topics within the field to help you identify what innovation has a lot of untapped value or is too good to be true. The best part? We have season 1, season 2, and season 3 (coming soon) ready to share.

  • HCD Research Webinars: Join the HCD team and various other experts as we tackle topics such as AI, behavioral science, claims, norms, wellness and more! These webinars focus on specific topics to discuss, dissect, and think about how applied neuroscience tools may be applied in these areas.

  • HCD Research Blogs: Gain in-depth insight from the HCD team on trends, research, and case studies within the world of applied consumer neuroscience here.

  • HCD Research Infographics: If you are looking for a quick overview of a topic, check out these infographics for some bite-sized learnings!

  • HCD Research Bibliography: Team HCD works hard to create quality content, which includes numerous publications. To receive the full list of the most up-to-date bibliography, please reach out to Allison at

NeuroU is intended to be an opportunity for individuals interested in applied consumer neuroscience to connect, network, and learn from each other. Join our NeuroU by HCD Research LinkedIn page to share thoughts or continue the conversations inspired by the symposium, as well as keep in the know for updates on future events. We also invite you to reach out to HCD Research if you have any further questions, concerns, or comments.



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