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HCD’s 2021 New Year’s Resolution: Prove it

We did it. 2020 is behind us, and 2021 will be all about moving forward.

And at HCD, we plan to kick ass and take names in 2021.

In hindsight (it was 2020 after all), we did really well last year. Our research expanded with new products and new segments (and new clients). We had several new publications (including peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters). We presented to many different audiences via virtual webinars and conferences (including our own NeuroU).

But we also realize that there is a lot of work to be done moving forward with some new trends developing from changes driven in 2020.

  1. There is an increase in need for remote consumer testing.

  2. As such, we have increased our efforts in online testing of all sorts, including (but not limited to) online facial coding, online implicit testing, online qual research, smart speaker assisted research.

  3. We will be expanding into DIY and On-Demand services, including implicit testing and other survey-based online tools for faster, cheaper research.

  4. Remote testing has also brought to light some major issues with remote measures that we will continue to warn about and contend with:

  5. Limitations of tools such as facial coding

  6. Environmental distractions in participants’ homes

  1. With several research providers struggling or certain services disappearing altogether, we will be expanding our media testing services. We will be promoting and expanding our AdverTest program and updating it with new and improved EEG capabilities.

  2. We will be addressing major concerns around use of consumer neuroscience in prediction.

  3. We also intend to address the issue of consumer neuroscience and blackbox metrics and norms.

So, this year we resolve to: PROVE IT

  1. Prove that integrated methodologies provide a complete understanding of consumer response to products and communications.

  2. Prove that accepting normative data from one methodology…neuroscience or surveys or other methods, is a measure of mediocrity and a flawed strategy.

  3. Prove that market research is not defined by one method; it is defined as an amalgamation of tools that provide an answer that reflects reality.

So, stay tuned for more on our 2021: Prove It campaign!



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