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Widget salesmen sell Widgets-Neuro Marketing Salesmen sell the one thing they can do

Neuro marketing is not market research and Market Research is not neuroscience. Solving a marketing problem can’t always include the same tool(s) or methods. If you come from a neuroscience background and start a market research company the tendency is to apply your skill to every issue and problem whether or not it makes sense.

You don’t plan to solve a marketing problem by choosing the method before you know the problem. The proper way is to understand the problem and identify the methods which when integrated will answer the question.

As a former buyer of market research services and now a vendor I am always have low confidence in a company that presents their research prowess as a function of one skill. Market research is optimal when experts can rely on multiple tools to answer different questions. Different issues require different tools. That’s why I am always skeptical when I see a “market research” company with a name that starts with “neuro”. Your challenge is not how to use neuroscience to answer the question but how to use marketing research methods to solve a problem. Forget focusing on one method/science and focus on finding the right tools to find the optimal answer to the question.

If you had a headache that wouldn’t stop would you see a crainiotomy expert or a doctor who is a diagnostician related to headaches?


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