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HCD launches On-Demand Implicit Research Tool

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

HCD expands Subconscious Consumer Research Capabilities with Online Services

Flemington, NJ— Today, HCD Research, a market research company specializing in applied consumer neuroscience, announced the launch of a new on-demand service that gives clients the ability to rapidly design, integrate and report consumers’ automatic perceptions. Built on more than a decade of HCD’s customized solutions utilizing psychological and neuroscientific methods and innovative technologies for market and consumer research, HCD’s Implicit On-Demand will move their implicit services to a quick turnaround, online request format.

“Fast, seamless, implicit.” The implicit reaction, the time-based approach is a subconscious, System 1, psychological method, developed and validated in academic research for uncovering mental biases and associations that participants are not aware of or may have difficulty articulating in self-report.

HCD’s implicit services embed seamlessly into quantitative and qualitative research designs to reveal subconscious associations influencing consumer perceptions and behaviors which can be run in-person or online. The new Implicit On-Demand tool is designed for high volume and fast turnaround implicit research needs with 24-hour turnaround times for programming and reporting, respectively. While the on-demand tool is designed to run easily and remotely with little help, HCD’s expertise and client services will also be available for design help and learning when requested.

On the utility of the new service, Glenn Kessler, President of HCD, said “There are some segments which require fast turnaround and high volumes research, such as in the product testing area. There is a need for an easy, accessible tool that helps clients get subconscious consumer insights to make better business decisions. Implicit on demand will meet this need”. Moving research design and reporting online will meet the growing need for more online accessible tools.

HCD’s Implicit On-Demand tool will provide:

  1. Simple online setup and reporting dashboard

  2. 24-hr turnaround programming with survey integration guidance

  3. 24-hr turnaround of meaningful and statistical subconscious results

For more information and demo contact Allison Gutkowski (



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