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Meet our new market research analyst-Sophia!

Sophia is a recent graduate from the University of Rochester, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. While studying at UR, she was involved in three different research labs. She studied the role attractiveness plays in romantic relationships, the impact of chronic pain on the waste clearance system of the brain, and how visuo-spatial memory can be enhanced through short naps and dream recall.

Through her extensive academic research experience, Sophia gained knowledge about data collection, analysis, and reporting and found a passion in using data to tell a story. After taking a consumer behavior class, she learned about the field of neuromarketing and market research. This class helped Sophia gain an understanding of how she can apply her interests in data collection and reporting to study consumer behavior. These interests transferred seamlessly into her role at HCD Research as a Market Research Analyst.

Fun facts from Sophia:

She was captain of the varsity lacrosse team at University of Rochester and after graduating, took a break from lacrosse to explore hobbies like yoga and hiking. She recently moved to Boston and enjoys going to baseball games on the weekends. Go Sox!

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