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HCD partners with Aigora to deploy smart-speaker surveys for in-the-moment consumer behavioral resea

New tool helps uncover innovative opportunities for consumer products using in-context, in-moment consumer research and behaviorally-driven design.

Flemington, NJ – Marketing and consumer research firm HCD Research can now capture consumer experiences hands-free and in-the-moment through its deployment of smart-speaker surveys developed by artificial intelligence and sensory research agency Aigora.

Context often goes overlooked when examining market research results, yet context plays a major role in consumer behavior and decision making. In-the-moment, contextual research examines consumer behaviors, choices, and product use that cannot be assessed through traditional surveys. Central location testing does not represent natural product use occasions or environments. Adding smart-speaker technology to this approach allows for hands-free consumer responses while using products in their own homes.

“It’s a natural addition to our toolbox,” said HCD’s VP of Research & Innovation, Michelle Niedziela. “We focus on advanced, non-traditional tools from neuroscience and psychology to uncover difficult to assess consumer insights. Using smart-speakers to get at consumer behaviors and habits from the comfort of their own homes will allow for better understanding of drivers of consumer decisions and unique insights for innovation.” Within the behavioral science framework, HCD utilizes multiple technologies including neuroscience and psychology to develop precise recommendations for driving consumer behavior.

As in real life, everything is relative. What we think of a product or brand, or how positively or negatively we assess it, depends on the context in which it is viewed. HCD will utilize Aigora’s state-of-the-art technology to help clients better understand the complex relationship between consumers and the brands they love. These insights will enable clients to define strategies that influence consumer choice and drive brand growth.

HCD Research is a marketing and consumer sciences company that provides expert recommendations by employing traditional and applied consumer neuroscience to optimize the design of market research projects for our clients. For more information, contact Allison Gutkowski (

Aigora is a consulting and technology company focused on helping sensory and consumer science teams prepare for artificial intelligence. For more information, contact Dr. John Ennis (



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