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HCD Research and Sensanalysis

FRANKFURT, Germany and FLEMINGTON, N.J., July 13, 2015 — HCD Research, Inc. and SENSANALYSIS have entered into an agreement to co-develop and market products and services integrating neuroscience methods and qualitative multi-sensorial research tools to study the emotional and subconscious response to products and the sensory experience.

SENSANALYSIS has over 30 years of experience conducting consumer studies using sensorial research tools which uncover feelings toward concepts and products which can be difficult for consumers to articulate. The company uses sophisticated techniques which allow consumers to tap into their personal landscape of memories and emotions about concepts, smells, tastes and textures incorporating direct and indirect questioning to uncover their deep-seated response to stimuli.

HCD Research uses an applied consumer neuroscience approach to augment the cognitive phase of research using implicit psychological and neuroscience methodologies to explain cognitive responses and uncover non-cognitive and unconscious reactions to sensory experiences. HCD Research has been conducting marketing research for over 22 years studying communications, packaging and consumer products.

Researchers from both companies are collaborating to integrate these methods with the objective of providing comprehensive testing methodologies which explain how consumers perceive products, what the subconscious and conscious contributors to their responses are, and how to determine product attributes which can impact product usage.

"The integration of sophisticated multi-sensorial analysis with neuroscience measurements allows for the development of tools which provide a deeper consumer understanding of non-conscious responses, providing insights which lead to actionable results," stated Barbara Busch, President of SENSANALYSIS.

"Neuroscience methods are best utilized when combined with qualitative techniques to further understand the dimensions of the consumer response to products, allowing marketers and product developers to identify product attributes that meet product objectives, consumer expectations and emotional targets," stated Glenn Kessler, President of HCD Research.

Both companies will be marketing these collaborative products and services and for more information contact Laura Finkelstein at and Marcella Markman at



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