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IVP enters association with HCD Marketing Sciences

HCD Research recently established HCD Marketing Sciences, a division of HCD Research which offers support for market research companies by assisting in conducting consumer neuroscience research services.

IVP is integrating its eye tracking and neuromarketing capabilities with HCD Marketing Sciences who will offer services related to design, analysis and interpretation of neuromarketing data and will provide these services to market researchers executing projects with IVP.

HCD began utilizing applied consumer neuroscience tools in 2005 and has conducted a broad range of projects representing many applications and industry verticals. HCD Marketing Sciences employs neuroscientists and analysts knowledgeable about multiple tools and methodologies which can be combined to meet specific objects.

IVP is a leader in providing market researchers a number of sophisticated technology tools which enhance the results of traditional research.

For more information contact Steve Burns ( or Bob Granito (



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