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Neuroscience Based User Experience Research Unit

HCD Research has announced the formation of a User Experience division focusing on the integration of applied neuroscience and traditional market research methods to understand user behavior and experience. HCD will be working with User Experience and Product Testing labs to integrate applied neuroscience with their current methods.

The director of the division, Bill Thau stated: “All forms of research have a common goal – an enhanced level of understanding. Whether the question is about metallurgy, medicine, or marketing, every researcher is trying to discover something new.”

Human experience research is no different, and much work has been done in the past with tried and true methodologies such as focus groups, interviews, surveys, and more. Traditional methods have served many industries well, and continue to do so by providing conscious responses to research questions. However, researchers gain a greater depth of knowledge about subconscious processes such as attention, motivation, and emotion when using autonomic measurement tools such as biometrics and eye tracking. “New methodologies that pair traditional self-reported data with these subconscious recordings are proving to be very effective in modeling a respondent’s complete experience, and they provide actionable results that are not obtainable otherwise,” said Thau.

HCD Research specializes in the use of traditional and autonomic research methodologies across a wide range of applications and industries. Companies interested in exploring the topic of biometric/autonomic research further can contact Bill Thau (



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