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NeuroU To Offer Crash Course On Consumer Neuroscience

Topics will cover neuromarketing, system 1 research, product and media testing

An international symposium for which organizers expect attendees from multiple industries, including large consumer product, healthcare, and media companies as well as market and consumer research providers and academics to attend NeuroU’s 2-day, inaugural event this summer, scheduled for June 7-8 at the Hyatt Regency. NeuroU speakers will cover the basics of Applied Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing with presentations on the latest methods and technologies, workshops on their application, and case studies from academics and researchers.

NeuroU will draw international attendees with a variety of backgrounds. The event will feature expert speakers from Carnegie Mellon & Temple University, as well as industry experts from HCD Research and Interactive Video Productions (IVP).

Symposium co-creator and scientific advisor, Dr. Michelle Niedziela (HCD Research), is planning an unusual session about the uses and abuses in neuromarketing, “In talking with clients and peers over the years and at industry conferences it became clear that there is a lot of confusion about what neuroscience can and can’t do in consumer research.” In her talk she hopes to clear the air and address the skepticism, “We created this event to give people a working knowledge to help navigate the field and make good research choices.”

NeuroU promises a beautiful and vibrant venue with a full agenda to network with peers, learn from experts, & explore the latest in psychological and neuroscientific tools and technologies.

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