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New Hire Alert!

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest Market Research Analyst, Sadie Snyder

Sadie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Montclair State University in 2019. When she transferred to MSU, Sadie says she discovered an interest in statistics, which led her to explore the vast research aspects of marketing. After taking classes pertaining to marketing research, she gained foundational skills such as developing questionnaires, analyzing research data, and participating in on-campus focus groups. From there, she discovered her passions for data collection and the identification of trends and patterns within data.

Following MSU, I was looking for my start in marketing research, which lead me here to HCD Research. It was incredible to discover that HCD uses methodologies that weren’t covered in the many classes I took. I’m looking forward to the boundless innovation HCD Research fosters in our team and understanding our processes for projects from start to finish. When the workday ends, I spend my time kayaking, listening to my self-made music playlist (perfect for long road trips or a quick local drive), and going on adventures with my family dog, Peppa.

By building a team of analysts that have demonstrated a passion for consumer insights early on in their careers, HCD takes pride in the caliber of team members we have on staff to provide innovative solutions for challenging research objectives. We’re so excited to see Sadie continue to evolve in the analytics department of Team HCD!



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