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Student Voices Series: Meet Alexa!

Education is a pillar of HCD Research, which is a major reason we partner with colleges and universities to help current students. Giving students exposure to real-world experiences within market research and applied consumer neuroscience helps take lessons from the classroom and puts them into action.

HCD Research continues to host college and university students through virtual experiential learning activities to hone in on useful skills that can be applied to future jobs. During the 2021- 2022 winter term, we welcomed Alexa Singman, a Muhlenberg College student, as a Scientific Communications intern!

Assisting students in their professional development through education and experience around applied consumer neuroscience and market research will allow for more qualified candidates and, ultimately, stronger research in the future.

Meet Alexa!

Alexa Singman is a senior at Muhlenberg College majoring in Psychology with a minor in Art. She is from Rockville, MD.  Alexa has been doing research on music and social bonding since her sophomore year. She prides herself on her ability to take a creative approach in both her work and her activities.

In the upcoming weeks, keep an eye out for Alexa’s contributions to HCD’s “Student Voices” blog and news posts where she will be exploring topics surrounding how emotional friction may influence the user experience. Stay tuned!

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