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Integrating Biometrics and Choice Models: Dr. Steven Struhl, PhD, MBA, MA joins HCD Research as a C

HCD research is pleased to announce that Dr. Steven Struhl has entered a collaboration with HCD Research to develop integrated biometric and market models.

Dr. Struhl has more than 25 years’ experience in consulting and research, focusing on applying advanced methods to strategic goals, and framing results and explanations so decision makers can use them effectively. His work addresses how buying decisions are made and understanding consumer groups and their motivations.

Prior to his position at HCD, Dr. Struhl served 15 years as Senior Vice President, Senior Methodologist at Total Research (later Harris Interactive). There he focused on strategy and analytics for pricing, product and service optimization, decision making and customer loyalty. He also served as head of analytics for the life sciences/pharmaceutical group there for many years. Earlier experience includes working as Director of Market Research at SPSS, Inc., where he guided development of new statistical software, and senior positions in financial services and communications.

His expertise comes from extensive work with the methods, and includes both application and refinement of numerous approaches to solving practical problems. He has designed, conducted and analyzed studies in many areas including:

  1. Discrete choice modeling and conjoint analysis,

  2. Price sensitivity and elasticity modeling,

  3. Market segmentation,

  4. Customer loyalty/commitment and retention,

  5. Bayesian analytical methods and other machine learning methods,

  6. Data mining,

  7. Text and Web data analytics,

  8. Best-prospect or best-customer identification models,

  9. Optimizing communications and media mix,

  10. Graphical display of complex data.

He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, a doctorate in psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and MA and BA degrees from Boston University. Steven has written a book, Market Segmentation: An Overview and Review, as well over 25 articles on multivariate analysis, computer software, and psychology.

While consulting with HCD, Struhl will be developing integrated methodologies in collaboration with Dr. Gayle Marks and Dr. Paul Bolls, both accomplished psychophysiologists applying neuromarketing/biometric methods to determine the impact of media. HCD Research focuses on tailoring methodologies to specific research objectives by employing biometric, eye-tracking and traditional research techniques. The collaboration of Struhl, Marks and Bolls will add expert value and insight to HCD services. For additional information on HCD Research, access the company’s website at or call HCD Research at (908) 788-9393.



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