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  • Kristopher Woung-Fallon

The Greatest Collab of All Time: 3 Benefits of Brand & Product Teams Touching Base

Products provide utility to consumers but their value can only reach as far as branding takes them. HCD has been covering the topic of brand harmony recently to dive deep into the emerging discussion around how companies of all shapes and sizes can be sure that both brand and product experiences alike tell the same story– that the product meets the promise.

What we have found in our experience is that it is common for both brand and product teams to work in their own internal sectors within company infrastructure. This serves to be effective in dedicating specific goals for both product development and the brand; however, this can also lead to a lack of congruency in greater initiatives as efforts continue to evolve separately. With potential for a disconnect, we’ve highlighted 3 benefits of both brand and product teams touching base.

The brand’s promise is being echoed into the product team’s goals.

When taking the time to check-in, product development teams are given the opportunity to reevaluate how they are incorporating what the brand stands for into the product’s performance currently and in future. Brand teams are also being given the opportunity to evaluate how well they are reflecting key product attributes into the brand’s marketing. This has the potential to have a huge effect on breaking through the current status quo and evolving on both ends. If conversations feel stagnant or uninspired, it can often be attributed to a lack of mindfulness of the greater picture.

Consumer satisfaction will increase.

It is proven time and time again in cases of both well established and newly emerging companies that when product experience and brand messaging match, consumers are more satisfied. Having both sectors of your business align, will ensure that this congruency happens. All consumers personal go-to purchases have aspects of their brand identity and product performance that complement each other in ways that are satisfying. Brand loyalty comes to play when it all works together harmoniously because the expectations from the brand match the product and vice versa.

Check out our December blog post on Brand Harmony for our take on measuring and aligning these experiences with target concepts.

The company will become more recognizable and differentiated.

The product will become better differentiated within its market with collaboration. Through this practice, you are better establishing your company’s unique personality from both ends. The product team is more mindful of its distinct attributes that give the company an advantage in the space, while the brand team of its consumer perceptions leading to better business decision making. In turn, the company’s overall offering will stand out among the rest.

But let’s continue this conversation… how does your company bring both sectors together? What are some challenges that you have experienced and how did you overcome these hurdles? Maybe you’re still overcoming it today and you don’t have a clear answer. We’d love to know in our comments section, social media, or direct communication with our team. For more information on how HCD can help you to ensure your brand and products harmonize, please reach out to Allison Gutkowski (



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