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Neuroscience to boost your media insights

HCD Research continues to provide the best possible actionable results using the latest and most appropriate measures from neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science to supplement and dive deeper into traditional market research for ad, concept, media elements (such as logos and spokespeople) and all marketing mix.

We have developed a COVID-19 response safety protocol (click here to view in full) to ensure research can continue safely and confidently anywhere you need to be.

Making the Perfect Ad – Is Neuroscience the Key to Success?

Creating an ad that captures attention, tugs at emotions, and engages the mind is an advertiser’s dream. Taking advertising research to a new level of understanding, HCD uses a combination of neuro-psychophysiological, psychological, behavioral and traditional marketing research tools. This approach helps to understand the journey from creative content to nudging sales. They allow advertisers to more consistently produce great ads, as well as cull those destined to fail.

Our brains react to our world in milliseconds—faster than we’re consciously aware.

So how can we tap into this to better understand consumer reactions with neuroscience tools?

By integrating the results from comprehensive traditional studies, employing a comprehensive advertising research metric and applied neuroscience tools, we help marketers and market researchers learn how consumers say they feel about advertisements, and with neuroscience, why they feel as they do.

It’s all in the details:

  1. Performance metrics – Ad metrics for comparative analysis and performance.

  2. Second by second neuro response – In the moment measures to gauge consumer response as they are experienced.

  3. Stopping power assessment – How effectively does it engage consumers within the first few seconds?

  4. Branding moment engagement – How effective is the branding moment, and how can it be strengthened?

  5. Ad element analysis – Examining elements within the ad for fit and effectiveness.

With tools ranging from implicit and psychological testing to biometrics and EEG, we can help.

For more information on how to best test your marketing mix, contact Allison Gutkowski (



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